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To be honest, it’s difficult not to get attracted towards a VFX job when we see VFX in films, TV shows, or web series. And we’re not just talking about Marvel and DC here. There are numerous Indian films that make excellent and effective use of visual effects, computer graphics, and animation. Bollywood might have taken a while to figure out how to add that extra punch with special effects, but they’ve now gotten the message. Here are a few that we believe are the best in the group.


Literally, everyone in India knows about Baahubali. It was the most anticipated and beloved film when it was released. Even today, Baahubali is talked about for its incredible special effects.

Both the Baahubali films have set a niche of their own when it comes to visual effects in India.

Whenever it comes to VFX, both of the films in the series are first-rate. They were massive films starring Prabhas, but the actual stars were the visual effects, which were used in practically every scene and displayed.

Out of the baby being maintained above sea in the opening segment through the fighting sequences. From the first appearance of each character till the conclusion of the battle. The two epic fantasy action movies were spectacular. The visual effects were so extensive that 15 VFX companies were engaged to work on the movies.

In fact a lot of visual effects courses in Kolkata were also encouraging students to observe the work in these two films to gain inspiration.


FAN poster

Everyone has seen Fan has pondered how Shahrukh Khan’s physique, muscles, and features looked so young and slender. VFX. That’s how it works. To recreate SRK’s dual part, the film utilised fantastic visual effects. The film’s release was significantly delayed due to the complexity of the graphics and post-production. It’s no surprise that Red Chillies Entertainment’s VFX won the IIFA for best movie using VFX.

Om Shanti Om

Om shanti om

One of the most renowned Red Chillies Production, Om Shanti Om, got the Best Visual Effects award. Released in 2008, this film shifted the dynamics of Hindi cinema with its incredible VFX which took us to a whole another decade. Even though it’s been 13 years, you’ll see the film’s brilliant use of visual effects if you view it now. The visual effects crew went to great lengths to achieve the film’s portrait 1970s aesthetic.

These three films have really set the benchmark when it comes to the utilisation of visual effects in Indian cinema.

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