How to Prepare for the Railway Exam in 2023

The opportunity to work for one of the most prestigious government institutions makes the RRB exams one of the most sought-after exams in the nation.

The first stage in creating the ideal preparation strategy is to have a thorough grasp of the syllabus and exam format. Making sure that negative marking is avoided is another aspect of developing a preparation plan for the RRB examinations. Of course, starting your studies early also benefits.

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In this article, we will help you understand how you can prepare as per the different sections and segments of your syllabus for better marks.

Mathematics Preparation

Despite appearances, studying for the Mathematics section is not tough. Candidates can easily pass this section with good marks by dedicating at least 3–4 hours per day to it. Candidates will find the following hints and advice on the mathematics portion helpful:

  • The applicants don’t need to study for more difficult math classes. It will be sufficient to prepare for the 12th grade level.
  • Candidates must make sure they practice for at least three to four hours every day, covering every subject thoroughly.
  • Candidates need to be familiar with all the formulas and quick cuts.
  • Less time should be allocated for the sections, and more emphasis should be placed on challenging subjects.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs Preparation

In order to succeed in the General Awareness Section with ease, candidates should bear in mind the following advice and strategies:

  • It’s important to cultivate the habit of reading the newspaper each day and watching the news.
  • Candidates should keep abreast of local, national, and foreign events with a focus on the home front.
  • The RRB Exam must be done in approximately 1-2 Mock Tests per day.
  • Additionally, candidates must stay current on different Static GK topics that are significant from the perspective of the exam.

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Reasoning and Aptitude Preparation

The following advice will be helpful for general intelligence and reasoning preparation:

  • Candidates must separate their weak and strong sections once they have a firm grasp of the topic.
  • It is necessary to create a planning strategy that concentrates on the weak areas.
  • Regularly taking the RRB Mock Tests is necessary to gain a thorough grasp of the General Intelligence and Reasoning exam format.

Science Preparation

Candidates should review the fundamental scientific concepts from their 10th and 12th-grade science classes when prepping for the General Science section. Since the majority of the questions in the RRB Preparation phase will come from the 10th and 12th grade curriculum, reading NCERT books will aid in improving topic knowledge.

Candidates should have a solid understanding of the fundamental ideas of all three sciences—physics, chemistry, and life science—in order to be prepared for the General Science exam. The NCERT Notes are the finest resource for brushing up on the fundamentals of all three sciences.


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