How to manage VIP Guests in a 5-star Hotel?

What does it mean to be a VIP guest?

The standards for classifying guests as VIPs may vary from hotel to hotel; nonetheless, here are a few examples:


Company policy executives, tour operators, wedding couples, a visitor who has had a bad feeling on his previous stay, reporters, promoters, company GMs or unit heads, and so on.

Executive board, Founders, Investors, Royalty, Membership Affiliates, Heads of Nations, Leading Political Figures, and so on are all considered VVIPs.

The best hotel management colleges in Kolkata include these bifurcations into their syllabus. That is why it is easier for them to learn.

How to handle VIP guests?

  • The groundwork for a VIP or VVIP arrival begins at the booking phase; all departments must work together effectively and meticulously to ensure a successful VIP operation.
  • The Program Director, Accommodations Director, or Head of Revenues may grant VIP status. Even though all VIP visitors are which was before, the person who approves the VIP status is also responsible for the host’s financial history.
  • The marketing team should always tell the reservation department well in advance of any VIP reservations. This enables the travel consultant to block the right room and contact other divisions.
  • During the reservation process, a unique VIP code should be assigned to the VIP booking in the Asset Control System.
  • The addition of a VIP number to a booking allows another agency to quickly recognise the host’s VIP status and make the necessary arrangements.
  • When the front desk personnel arrives, they must notify the FOM/Resident Manager/General Director to welcome and engage the VIP Client.
  • Immediately follow the VIP Visitor to his or her hotel and complete the check-in formalities there.
  • Before delivering the New Account to the Visitor, put in enough data as possible. Allow the Visitor to take a tour of the estate at their leisure, and have the person who accompanied them return a polite call during the first two days.
  • At the Back – end processes, Directors Cabin, and Guest Service Desk, a list of VIP passengers is written on a storyboard.

To learn in detail, you would have to undertake a course from hospitality management college in Kolkata.

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