How to Crack Police Exam Tips and Tricks?

Major Tips to be followed for cracking WB Police Exam
  • To complete the online test/exam within the specified time period, which is only one hour for three parts, you need pace. Practice logic and questions in mathematics by memorizing formulas.
  • After each study session, 1 hour is held for revision of learned/practiced subjects. Read journals, magazines, television outlets, etc on current affairs, as GK will prove to be a good scoring field if well equipped.
  • In order to maximize productivity, make mathematics your strong suit, practice problems to answer them in time. The trick here is to mug up math formulas by heart, so when solving a problem, they come in handy.
  • Note that negative labeling is a consideration here. Try not to try issues that place you in doubt, then. While the preliminary test will be of a mere qualification nature and will not be counted for the final merit list as only main examination marks and interview marks will apply, but in the prelims, as set by the WB Police Board, you still need to secure the required qualifying marks.
  • Manage your time properly; allow each segment an acceptable period of time. By taking as many online exercises as possible, try to maximize your time. GSCE‘s Police exam coaching in Kolkata includes the time limit added to each question for online mock tests; this allows one to practice to complete the whole exam within the time limit.
  • It can be boring and hard to research in a stretch for hours and sometimes not so good. Try, however, to study multiple times during a day in daily sessions. This will make studying quick and enjoyable, and you will still have enough time in between breaks to brush up the already learned topics.
  • Maintaining good health is really necessary, so you don’t get ill on the big day. Give the brain a suitable time to renew itself. Don’t rush your brain for so many details as your cap allows. Take it steady and slow. And have a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night.
Cracking Police Exam in 2020

First thing, get over what you have to learn first. POLICE is famous once every few years for modifying the POLICE exam pattern. It is also advisable that you join a police exam coaching centre to crack this. Try to grasp the examination’s method and plan appropriately. Download the new POLICE syllabus from the official website as it provides you with an understanding of the paper and the best way to begin your training.

For a clearer understanding of the test trend and variety of different tests, you can also review the POLICE Previous Year Question Papers.

Second, plan a program of tests. Create a research schedule that would cover the syllabus and religiously observe it. Estimate the regular work period you will sit for training and pick 2 to 3-time study slots, as daily study at the same timings is normally not feasible. In addition, it is recommended to alternatively read chapter wise in rotation for each subject, resulting in speedy learning and full gain of knowledge.

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