How old is Tintin in the 2011 animated movie?

Which one of us did not yearn to get out on an adventure with Tintin? It is quite well-known that one of the most popular names in the world of animation is Tintin. We still cherish the delightful memories of receiving Tintin comic books on our birthdays! The intense mass popularity that this character garnered made him a character next door. From Professor Calculus to the faithful and funny Snowy, we wondered when we could just escape to that adventure with them.

What is so special about Tintin?

Created by the Belgian cartoonist Herge, Tintin is almost synonymous with the concept of animation. This versatile character in our adolescence transported us to another realm. Even as adults we have not abandoned our links with this character who meant the world to us in our childhood. The best part is some of us chose to progress in this field to explore Tintin’s world. If you are thinking of pursuing an animation course in Kolkata, the best animation institute is Starblast Animation.

Owing to its massive popularity, we have had numerous adaptations in film, TV, and theatre. We literally wait like famished for the release of another new Tintin movie. Both graphic novels and films have to do with visual aspect of our experience. Going through a fantastic comic and conjuring the imaginary world in our minds is definitely bliss! Watching a brilliantly crafted film with its exotic visual appeal is another sort of pleasure! We should not compare one with the other as long as we have unrestricted access to them.


What is unique about the 2011 animated movie?

In a sea of movies on Tintin, the latest is the animated 2011 under the direction of Steven Spielberg. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn boasted of a star-studded cast and proved to be a blockbuster. In this unique adventure, Tintin and his gang painstakingly find a clue to Sir Francis’ sunken treasure. With Jamie Bell in the lead role and the legendary Andy Serkis voicing Captain Haddock, we simply adored the plot and the storyline. The best way to discover a film is by watching it yourself. Nevertheless in this blog we discuss some of the details about this film.

As the film opens, we see Tintin playing a young journalist who is browsing in an outdoor market with Snowy, his pet dog. He buys a miniature model of a ship which is named the Unicorn. Although Tintin with his exceptional facial features appear as ageless in the comic books. Basically, he is the mascot of a brave teenage hero in the pop culture. Generally, Tintin is presumed to be a teenage hero aged 14-19. However, in this film, we see him to be quite an adult handling the responsibility of a job. As per Spielberg’s vision, we can safely assume that he is in his mid-twenties. This film provides us with the much needed platform that tweaks our usual habit of viewing Tintin as someone below the age of 18.

The film draws its story chiefly from The Secret of the Unicorn (1943), The Crab with the Golden Claws (1941) and Red Rackham’s Treasure (1944). There are significant differences from the source material particularly with reference to the antagonists. Apart from our beloved hero Tintin and his reliable companion Snowy, we encounter other familiar characters as well. These include Sir Francis Haddock, Ivanovitch Sakharine, Thomson & Thompson, and Aristides Silk.

Where can I learn animation?

If you are familiar with the stories of Tintin and gobbled them up as greedily as we did, you are sure to enjoy this visual feat. While we leave the responsibility to you to explore the film for yourself, do not forget to visit the website of Starblast Animation to know about the courses offered by them. Starblast Animation provides the top animation courses that make you career-ready. This institute is the finest because they offer production-oriented courses for you to practice the industry-relevant skills. Using state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest software, Starblast Animation comprehensive courses ensure that you get to launch your career. Visit their website today to know about which course would be the best for you!


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