How Much Does a Typical Animation Course Cost in India?

Gone are the days when people were scared to think of a profession outside the traditional roles such as teacher, lawyer, or doctor. Job-seeking candidates in the contemporary world are opting for new-age and unconventional job positions. People are now open to accepting job roles that are being newly created in this digital age. The most flourishing industry right now is that of animation and multimedia. The world has come to be dominated by visual media and the demand for talented visual artists has grown manifold. If you are an artistic person with impeccable creative skills, you would be a seamless match for this industry. Starblast Animation is the best animation institute in Kolkata which provides job-ready courses to students which enable them to get into a career directly. This blog details the various animation courses in Kolkata.

ADAP – Advance Animation Pro

This course has a duration of 18 months and the candidates are supposed to have the minimum eligibility criterion of class 12 pass or higher. Divided into 4 parts, in this course, the students are taught modules on the fundamental stuff of animation as well as the advanced ones. This is a definitive course that Starblast offers which equips the students with industry-relevant knowledge.

AFP – Animation Foundation Pro

This course has a very short duration of 3 months in the duration of which students are taught topics on just the rudimentary topics in animation. The eligibility criteria of this course are class 12 pass or higher. This is a course rather of the vocational sort which prepares the students just with about enough details to facilitate them to work but will not make them experts.

BAA – Intro to Biped Animation Advanced

This is a short duration course which prepares the candidates with just enough information to make them ready to work in the field. The course curriculum includes topics on Gestures and Body language, Locomotion-Fulcrum, Rig Study, Anatomy study, Weight balance, and Biped cycles. This would be a helpful course to pursue whether you are a student or a professional.

BAP – Biped Animation Pro

This is the course you can opt for after you have done the BAA course. This course enriches you by providing topics on Realistic motion, Complex Animation, Organic movement, Prop interaction, Personality creation, Complex hand motion, Two character interaction among others. This course has minimum eligibility criteria of 12th pass yet it is advisable to possess some basic knowledge of animation before doing this course.

AAP – Acting for Animation Pro

In this course of 7 months, students are taught Acting for Animation, Script Analysis, Script to the scene to shot, Cameras setup, Staging and composition, Pantomime, Dialogue animation, Understanding storyboard, and a few others. This is a particularly helpful course doing which would serve the purpose of the students to launch her career right after completing the course.

3d animation course

Starblast Animation

In the contemporary world, it is absolutely vital to possess professional certification in any of the animation and VFX courses. If you have always been fascinated with animated movies or cartoons and wanted to get into the back of the computer to create those attractive characters and scenes, you can do a course in animation and get into the industry of filmmaking. Starblast Animation is the leading animation institute in Kolkata that is offering a reputable 3D animation course in Kolkata. The expert faculty team has commendable industry experience and ensures that the candidates have comprehensive knowledge of the same. The greatest advantage of studying at this institute is that it charges a modest fee from the students. The budget-friendly courses provide you with the relevant knowledge while not burning a hole in your pocket.


If you want to get into the interesting field of animation which is teeming with opportunities you might consider doing a course from the reputed animation institute, Starblast Animation. The courses are quite affordable and candidates get a lucid understanding of the relevant modules. If you want to work in the dream industry of your choice, check out their website today to get a better understanding.

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