How much does a Microsoft Office course cost?

The Microsoft team offers a free, interactive online learning platform called Microsoft Course that offers certificates and diplomas for a number of courses. To finish a course through Microsoft, allow 6 to 12 months or more.

The Microsoft Office Diploma also offers other Microsoft Courses, such as the Microsoft Excel Diploma, Microsoft Word Diploma, Microsoft PowerPoint Diploma, and Microsoft Outlook Diploma.

You must have at least a year of classroom training prior to receiving the certificate of graduation for various Microsoft Courses. You must have knowledge of computer and technical courses in order to learn Microsoft products. The Microsoft programme certificate course does not require any further credentials to be obtained.

Both online and offline versions of the Microsoft Certification courses are offered. Online platforms like Udemy, edX, George Telegraph Institute of Accounts and Courser provide a variety of online Microsoft certification courses.

Certificate Programs:

  • offered through Microsoft Learn by the Microsoft Team
  • The certificate programmes include ASP.NET, Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft Certified Educators, and Office and technical certificates.
  • You have the option of learning Microsoft’s products as an advanced, beginner, or intermediate user.

Diploma course

  • The Microsoft Office Diploma offers the Microsoft Office courses.
  • Microsoft offers diploma programmes in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and other programmes.

Bachelor degree course

  • The courses available at the bachelor’s level include things like information technology, network technology, data management, and cyber security.

Grasp’s Degree Programs

  • Network defence, information technology, and other courses are available at the master’s level.
  • These Microsoft training programmes are offered online.

Duration and timeline for Microsoft course:

The course syllabus determines how long each of Microsoft’s courses will last. Still, it takes three months, six months, a year, or longer.

It only takes 3 to 7 days in some courses.

The Microsoft team offers a large majority of its courses online. You can only take a limited number of courses in offline mode.

You need to know both computer hardware and software in order to enrol in a Microsoft certificate or diploma programme.

You can learn many skills in the various courses offered by the Microsoft Team, including those for Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Project, etc.

Jobs under Microsoft course:

After completing the courses, students can choose between jobs such as Microsoft Technology Associate, Microsoft Certified Solution Associate, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Solution Experts, Microsoft Certified Architect, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Information Technology Consultants, Senior Solution Expert, and Microsoft Technology Associate.

Cost of Microsoft course:

The range of salaries for the aforementioned work profile is from 53,000 to 100,000 USD on an annual basis, whereas in India, the range of salaries for other job profiles is from 5,90,000 to 9,23,000 INR.

Microsoft Certificate Courses

Microsoft Certificate Courses are available online. For people with an interest in learning about software, hardware, and technical courses, there are these courses.

  • The course’s syllabus is structured in such a way that students can improve their technical understanding of computer courses.
  • Both students and working people can review these courses to improve their technical skills. Both students can continue their education in their free time.
  • These courses can be taken at your own speed and do not require a full day.
  • After finishing the course, there is a promising career prospect. The starting compensation for the average in various profiles is INR 10,000. (per annum).

Wrapping Up:

Microsoft course is one of the most important courses that is worthy in today’s time and moreover if you are pursuing this course then there are indeed many opportunities in further. If you are looking for GST training online,CPA classes online, Accounting certificate programs then George Telegraph Institute of Accounts is the best institute provided to help you in Microsoft online training classes.

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