How Much Do 5 Star Hotel Managers Make?

Five-star hotels are dream workplaces for most people who have completed a course in hotel management. It is the go-to destination of success for these graduates.

Being at a managerial position in five-star hotels is nothing less than hitting the perfect jackpot. It ensures you a lifetime of stability and success. The pay for these managers is way higher than those in normal hotels or restaurant chains.

  • Due to the heavy demand, only the best students in the class are recruited for these hotels.
  • It is also suggested by professionals that you work in other hotels at higher positions for a few years and then shift to five-star hotels.
  • It is an extremely lucrative position and therefore you must ensure you are pursuing a good management degree from the best hotel management college in Kolkata in order to sustain a successful career.

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Salary Structure of Hotel Managers

The hotel sector is both attractive and rapidly expanding, making it a popular career choice among students. When it comes to pay scales in this business, it is extremely appealing. There are several 5-star hotels all around the world, and each one has a distinct wage range.

Take a look at the list; maybe, it will be of use to you.

The average wage in the hotel industry

Rs.2, 650,000 for General Manager

Rs.900, 000 for Operations Manager

Rs.600, 000 is ideal for Manager, Human Resources

Executive Chefs on average make 680,600

Rs.655, 300 for Resident Manager

Rs.635, 000 for Executive Housekeeper

Duty Managers can make anywhere between 500,000 – 575,060

Manager of Food and Beverage – Rs.565.800

Restaurant Manager – 565,450 Rs.

As a fresher, you will receive average pay; after gaining experience, you will receive better compensation. Salary also relies on your experience and working expertise, your working style, your management, and many other factors.

As of now, your focus needs to be on studying a hotel management course in Kolkata from a reputed institute so that you can end up with a good job by the end of it.

We wish you all the best for all your future career endeavors!

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