How Long is An Animation Course?

Was your heart melted by Olaf the Snowman after watching ‘Frozen’ or perhaps the team of Trolls amused you enough to retain your faith in humanity? In all probability, you have wondered what would have happened if you could be Joy from the blockbuster animated film ‘Inside Out’? In either case, what mesmerized us were the brilliant animation skills displayed by the animators who produced the films. Animation is something that we enjoy more often than possessing a practical sense of how it works. Animation is the process by which still images are made to appear as moving by a visual trick.

Indeed it is quite fascinating to watch animation characters from popular animated films like ‘Frozen,’ ‘Moana,’ or ‘How to Train Your Dragon?’ Something that is more fun and engrossing is to possess the skills of a competent animator. This blog discusses how you can conveniently opt for any of the courses offered by the leading institute of animation in Kolkata, Moople Institute of Animation and Design.

B.Sc. in Multimedia, Animation, and Graphic Design

Have you always wanted to possess a broad knowledge of the various modules in the field of multimedia and animation? Your wish has been fulfilled as this definitive course offered by Moople equips you with the requisite knowledge to make you a pro. Not only is it fun to pursue a 3-year graduation course in animation but also you have the added advantage of gaining knowledge in a practice-oriented manner.

It would definitely serve in your favour if you have basic software knowledge, especially those related to designing and drawing. As a part of this course, you would be given in-depth knowledge of industry-relevant software such as Maya, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and InDesign. The rigorous and production-oriented degree course of 3 years teaches you not just about the basics but also the advanced aspects. You would love to attend this course as this course will offer internship programs and practical sessions which ensure that you are ready o launch your career after completion of the course.

3D Design & Animation

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If you are given a choice between 2D or traditional animation and 3D animation, you would doubtlessly pick the latter. 3D animation is more extensive and convincing and leaves no space to captivate the audience by its realistic depiction. While wanting to pursue a career in animation, surely you would choose 3D animation which rules the entertainment industry right now. Moople offers a 3D animation course with an all-inclusive course curriculum. The state-of-the-art training facility would enable you to learn from pre-production to post-production, performance capture, rendering, 3D and 2D animation, storyboarding, and character-building.

As a candidate, it is a matter of convenience for you that the course is divided into 2 modules which neatly demarcates the modules to be studied. Among the well-known software used are Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Photoshop. It is definitely an exciting experience to be a part of the flagship course offered by Moople. After doing this course you would earn a set of core skills that would turn you to be the perfect job aspirant to be employed in either of the several industries such as TV, films, commercials, and even education.

Advanced Texturing Module

We do not always have the time to pursue a full-fledged course and rather opt for a shorter course. This course has a quite short duration of 3 months and the professionals who want to get into the job market quickly can do so after doing any of the two short-term courses. Moople demands of you as a prospective student to have knowledge of 3D modeling, texturing & rendering, and basic knowledge of the prevalent software like Maya and Photoshop.

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Advanced Creature Animation

Another short-term course offered by Moople is this one which also has a span of 3 months. In this course, the prerequisite condition is that as a candidate you must have knowledge in 3D Character animation & Maya. Photoshop CC, Quick time, and Premier are some of the software used in this course.

In Conclusion

Once you successfully complete doing any of these courses which requires you to have minimum eligibility of class 12 pass you will be able to bring to life your vivid imagination. If you are thinking about what job roles you can pursue after completing a course at Moople you can remain worry-free as they offer a 100% placement guarantee.

Whether you want a senior and more accountable job position in the animation industry or something with a lighter load and lesser responsibility, there is a fitting job position for every aspirant. You stand the chance to get employed in a reputed animation company in the capacity of Animation Director, Asset Supervisor, Production Manager, and many more related positions once you join Moople which is the leading animation academy in Kolkata. Now that you have become acquainted with the different time lengths demanded by the various courses, it is time for you to pick the one most suitable for you.

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