How Can You Become A Cardiac Care Technician?

Today, a career in the medical field is in high demand. Being a certified cardiac care technician is also an aspiring job as it offers fast job growth. Moreover, now many esteemed institutes and organizations offer Cardiac Care technician course at an affordable cost.

Students at George Telegraph healthcare academy get the practical and best quality knowledge. However, it helps them in performing even the hardest tasks on the job. This is the right place for students planning to enroll in this course. In this article, the details about the course, certification, admission process, eligibility, duration, course outline, and many more are mentioned.

Overview of Cardiac Care Technician

In the program of Cardiac Care Technician Course, the basic skills of the student are developed that are necessary to monitor cardiac patients. Moreover, students will also be able to recognize cardiac dysrhythmias and interpret basic ECGs. Cardiac Care Technicians also prepare patients for implanting of pacemakers and open-heart surgeries. During these procedures, technologists monitor patients.

Diplomas Courses in Cardiac Technology (eligibility and duration)

After completing grade 12 successfully, students can opt for the diploma in cardiac care technician programs. Meanwhile, at other places, only after completing graduation can one go for these courses. An undergraduate diploma is the best option for students who want to start working right away.

It is the best decision to choose a diploma course instead of full-time. However, it can save both money and time. Additionally, it also provides detailed knowledge in a short duration. The bachelor’s or master’s degree programs gives a lot of elaborate instructions, which might not be in use after the course.

The duration of completing the undergraduate diploma program is one year. For a postgraduate diploma, it takes around one-two year.

The best thing about this program is that it provides various specializations to select. This PG or diploma course is generally designed for those students who want to save their resources. Moreover, it provides an average pay of around 2,00,000-5,00,000 after completing a diploma in cardiac care technician.

Outline of the course

The course includes various modules. For example, ECG, EKG, and Holter monitoring, Basic CCU, diagnosis and treatment, basic & advanced life support measures, invasive & non-invasive labs & various departments about heart, transesophageal echocardiography, ICU procedures and Human Anatomy and physiology basic understanding of Cath lab.

Admission procedure for the Cardiac Care Technician program

The admission process is very simple. After applicants have completed their applications, the recognized Institute or university creates a merit list. It is mandatory to have Class 12 scores for cardiac care technician diploma programs. While for postgraduate diploma programs, graduation marks are needed. However, admissions in diploma programs are only based on a merit list.

Students who want to enroll in any of these programs must fulfil the eligibility criteria. Also, they should have earned the necessary degree for the program. Eventually, the selection procedure for both offline and online institutes is almost the same.

What is the career growth of a Cardiac Care Technician?

After completing the cardiac care technician diploma program, the candidate gets immediately placed as Cardiology Technician, Cardiac Care Technician, or Cardiovascular Technician. Moreover, when one gains experience in this field, one can move further into senior roles. For example, Senior Laboratory Technician or Supervisor.


 In conclusion, it could be stated that Cardiac Care Technician is the best career option for candidates looking for immediate earnings after 12th or graduation. Furthermore, many esteemed healthcare institutes offer this diploma course, and George Telegraph Academy is one of them. They provide the best academic facility to their students. Moreover, the academy emphasized the complete personality development of the students.

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