How Can I Make A Career in 3D Modeling and Animation?

The world today is revolving around visual-centric and engaging content. The content being created today is incorporating to an increased extent animation and visual graphics. Gone are the days when Visual Effects or VFX were seen in animated movies only. These days not just animated videos but the fields of education and Television are also using 3D animation and VFX to deliver top-notch visuals. As the application of this industry is widening, it is creating more job opportunities and possibilities. It would be a judicious decision to step into this field in order to build your career in your field of passion. In order to build a career in animation industry, you need to possess an artistically inclined mind along with impeccable artistic skills. If you are eager to be the creative mind behind the fascinating animated movies, you can choose to pursue any animation course in Kolkata from a reputed institution. Starblast Animation is one of the leading institutions in Kolkata where you can enrol in an animation course in order to have detailed knowledge of 3D Modeling and Animation.

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ADAP – Advance Animation Pro

This is one of the most popular animation courses offered by Starblast Animation. The duration of this course is 18 months, students are taught on modules on not only the rudimentary concepts but also the advanced modules in the field of animation. Ranging from basic things like production pipeline to realistic motion, complex animation, and script ton scene to shot.

AFP – Animation Foundation Pro

This short-term course of 3 months teaches its students modules on production pipeline, and animation workflow among others. The eligibility criterion for enrolling in this course is class 12th pass or higher.

BAA – Intro to Biped Animation Advanced

This course too has a short duration of 3 months and the eligibility criterion is class 12th pass or higher. In this course, students are taught on gestures and body language, silhouette, and line of action.

BAP – Biped Animation Pro

This course of 6 months is the advanced course students should pursue after doing the Introduction to Biped course. As a part of this course, candidates are taught on realistic motion, complex animation, and two character interaction among others.

AAP – Acting for Animation Pro

This course has duration of 7 months where students are imparted lessons on acting for animation, staging and composition, and understanding story board. Like the other courses, this one too has the minimum eligibility of class 12th pass or higher.

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Career Opportunities

After gaining knowledge of 3D Modeling and Animation, you will be able to work in primarily two industries- that of game development and filmmaking.

3D Modeling

After learning 3D Modeling, you can develop 3D figures of any objects of your choice with the help of computer graphics. The three-dimensional objects you create would be used for various purposes such as interior designing, character of games, engineering, and so on. In order to create these 3D models you need to have technical capabilities as well as an imaginative mind, and an eye for detail.

3D Animation

The field of 3D animation is one of the most interesting and lucrative one. Under this industry you have the opportunity to work in any of the following capacities –

3D Motion Capture Artist – This position entails you to create computer-generated imagery. They work together with actors, and directors to bring to, life the imaginative and fictional character.

Character Artist – Their job is to create characters for games and movies. They bring alive the characters by use of computer graphics.

Environment Artist – they work in the industry of games to create the indoor and outdoor environment of the game. They are responsible for modelling, texture, lighting, and composition among others.

Motion Graphics Designer – As a Motion Graphics Designer, you can create logos as well as moving texts for commercials, TV shows, and movies. Many contend that Motion Graphics is a part of Graphics only but it is also a part of animation.


One of the most profitable industries to get involved in right now is the Animation and VFX industry. With a host of opportunities currently available and yet more getting created daily, it is profitable for the takers to advance in this field. Animated movies and cartoons have come to be an inevitable aspect of the contemporary world. Animation is something equally enjoyed by both adults and children. Starblast Animation is the foremost institution in Kolkata where you can get enrolled for doing an animation course. Starblast with its expert faculty is the best VFX institute in Kolkata where you can pursue a career of your passion.

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