What is the scope of hotel & hospitality management in India?

Our country’s hotel and hospitality sectors are expanding at a rapid pace, as is demand in the hotel industry. Since India is a popular tourist destination, the concept of studying hotel management has become clearer and more useful for students than ever before. When it comes to achieving graduation after finishing their high school, hotel & hospitality management is one of the top choices for students.

When the hospitality industry grows, so does the market for hotel management practitioners. With tourism growing in India year after year, this market is projected to grow, giving students studying this course a greater chance of being put in top organizations.

Career in Hotel Management

Career in hotel management
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If a person is interested in working in the hospitality industry, they may obtain a bachelor’s degree in hotel management. Because of the glamour and comfort associated with the work, an increasing number of students are drawn to it each year.

The hotel management course in Kolkata will educate you about the various facets of running a hotel or tourism business, such as marketing and advertising, catering services, front desk, finance, food preparation, housekeeping, and various kitchen skills. Many institutions and business colleges in India offer degree and diploma programs in hotel management, which has proven to be a profitable and rewarding career path for many students.

Educational Qualification

The eligibility criteria for entering into a hotel & hospitality management course are quite simple. One just needs to be 10+2 passed/appeared from recognized Central or State Govt. Board. As simple as that!

Job Prospects after degree course

Job Prospect after hotel management degree
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When you graduate from a hotel & hospitality management program, you would have access to a plethora of career opportunities. Since the hospitality industry is divided into several divisions such as logistics, food and beverage, front office, accounting, security, and so on, you can choose your favourite department and apply for different jobs.

Any of the job opportunities in hotel management include:

  • Hotels and tourism centres
  • Management of a club or restaurant
  • Hotel management on cruise ships
  • Catering and cabin utilities on aeroplanes
  • Hotel kitchen operations
  • Front-of-house management of hotels and resorts
  • The Indian Navy provides hospitality services

Hotel & Hospitality Management and Globalization

Hotels, casinos, fast food stores, bars, and other related institutions are among the most popular work openings in the hospitality industry. A hotel & hospitality management specialist can work in any of the fields mentioned above.

With the globalization of more and more hospitality companies extending their industry to global markets, the hotel & Hospitality management sector has always been a popular career choice among students. This has resulted in a significant increase in the market for hotel management practitioners.

Because of its wide reach in other nations, anybody can enrol in this course. Students want to take this course in order to pursue a career in another country. The hotel chain is expanding rapidly as a result of internationalization.

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