Hospitality Marketing in 2020: Facts from Fiction

Anything which has achieved the realms of success and popularity is ought to be loaded with fiction and myths. There are so many stereotypes associated with every kind of field in education. It is quite interesting that no enough people focus on the facts and rather sit with fiction.

In 2020, the hospitality industry came under the spotlight after numerous hospitality management institutes in Kolkata talked about their new methods of sanitation and social distancing in their curriculum. This year has changed the way education and industries function. It has shown a new face of education and services to the world.

As a result, the hospitality management course in Kolkata are facing a new face of work ethic and dilemma. These industries have busted all the fiction and myth of public gathering and in return created a safe and sound environment for people to dine in and stay.

The work of hospitality is largely encouraged nowadays because of the staggering increment of this industry as well. You shall find that the facts of growth and increasing potential are the only truth which exists.

2020: The game changing year

Hospitality studies and the management of this industry have seen a solid shift within the past few years. This has happened because of the growing girth of the industries which have started investing in hospitality.

Additionally, hotels and tourism centres are becoming the hub of talent. You would see that students who graduate with this degree are going to land up with a stable job and a high position in companies and hotels.

The myth or fiction of dying jobs is nothing more than a useless scare during COVID-19 times. Even though the COVID-19 period has come to normalization you would find that recruitments are happening as usual.

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