What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in hospitality management?

There has never been a great time to learn hotel management. The sector is one of the fastest expanding in the world, with 10 million new work openings created last year. Graduates have many job options that will take them beyond hospitality and into a variety of other sectors.

If you have a passion for hospitality, you can graduate and move straight into management positions before becoming a General Manager of a hotel. As a Hotel Operations Manager, you might handle day-to-day operations if you are really hands-on. If you like food and beverage, the restaurant and dining industry has a wide range of specializations and opportunities.

Hotel Manager

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Hotel managers, including bar and restaurant managers, are responsible for managerial functions as well as customer support. You could work with a global corporation, a luxurious spa, an inn, or a bed and breakfast.

You will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the level of facilities and events provided by front-of-house (e.g., reception, chauffeur, and bookings), food service operations, and housekeeping.

Hotel managers’ responsibilities include the following:

  • Employ and organize staff
  • Check stock
  • Communicate with service providers
  • Handle consumer requests
  • Assess and maintain safety procedures
  • Conduct property and operation inspections.

Receptionist/guest support agent

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One of the first positions you will get in the hospitality industry is as a guest service agent or delegate. Guest assistants are similar to hotel customer service representatives in that they are the first point of contact with customers. Upon graduating from a hospitality management course in Kolkata, you are ought to land this job as your first profession.

They typically work with clients and will frequently act as concierges, assisting them with visitor details, reservations, and whatever else the clients can need for a comfortable stay.

Guest service agents are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Answers visitors’ phone calls
  • Makes or cancels hotel appointments
  • Checks clients in/out assign rooms and receive payment
  • Coordinates with service personnel
  • Provide guests with access to hotel facilities.

Chef/ Culinary

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Another field which is very well established and chosen vividly among people is the cooking and culinary field. Being the head chef a good hotel will fetch you six figure salaries.

It is one of the most reputed jobs out there. You can really make big bucks doing this job. If you have a passion for cooking then nothing can stop you from being the best in your field.

F&B is a big industry. You can be a junior chef, head chef and also take on other roles in the same field. With the culinary field, there really is a lot to explore. One can build their stature to any level and start a wonderful career.

These are some of the most chose and sought after work fields within the hospitality industry. We hope this helps you understand the diverse and varied nature of hospitality management in totality. It is advised that students sign up for a free counselling session and talk to an expert about their career goals and requirements. It will help you pick the right path more quickly and easily.

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