Hospitality Careers in Hotel Management Industry

Hotel management and hospitality courses provide outstanding job prospects in a wide variety of industries. Graduates in hotel management can not only earn decent wages, but also reap good growth opportunities both in India and abroad. Students enrolled in our Hospitality Management undergraduate program take a range of classes that draw on a variety of industries.

The best hotel management colleges in Kolkata are ought to help you learn all about these job roles in details along with practice.

From Cooking, Wine and Beer Mixing to Conference Sales and Administration, both of these courses introduces students to a number of business facets that can be helpful in their professional prospects in hospitality management. In this article, we’ve added a couple of the career openings that our hospitality management alumni may seek.

Hotels and Resort Spas

Hotels are the main recruiters of graduates of hospitality management. The hotel industry provides strong career prospects and is ideal for beginners as it will allow an applicant to obtain experience in a wide variety of operations. Hotels are also fantastic, as they are much more likely to consider new graduates in trainee positions than many other ways. Hospitality, prospects, like hotel management, occurs in countries throughout the globe.

If you serve as a manager for a major chain hotel, you will have the opportunity to fly not only locally and globally, but also globally. The sector is genuinely multinational. It allows you the chance to fly to some of the most popular attractions.

F&B Management

This stands for food and beverage management. It is a crucial part of the beverage industry within the hospitality sector. The food and beverage industry is categorized into two primary portions: manufacture and sale of food products.

Hospitality, catering and tourism professions can be found in environments such as hotels, pubs, event centers and more.  Hotel managers will be employed to run a range of business styles – from small inns and elevated restaurants to fine dining restaurants specialized in foreign culinary – to ensure that the hotel runs efficiently.

Event Planning

Event preparation is another key field of this field, which includes hands-on coordination and engagement.

Good professionals who work in event preparation may involve becoming agile, operating inside the budget and possessing a propensity for multitasking. Event managers will be involved in any element of the job including booking guests, daily meetings, problem-solving event specifics, and post-event cleaning plans.

PR and Advertising

PR and Advertising professions can be applied to both hospitality and tourism depending on the needs of the industry. Advertising and brand management are important to a location because a good reputation in the news will have an effect on the number of tourists coming to a tourist town, hotel or other sightseeing location.

Basic Itinerary Management Tasks

These types of promoters may be employed on-site to plan seating, keynote speakers, day-to-day timetables and more for conventions, trade shows, exhibits or other activities. It is a part of any hospitality management college in Kolkata to include these kinds of tasks in the curriculum so as to prepare students well for the upcoming professions which they might want to choose after completing their degree period.

Now that you have understood that there is a wide range of careers to choose from, you can actually consider taking up a hotel and hospitality management degree course. If you are doubtful about anything then do reach out to us. Our expert counselors will guide you and help you figure out the rest with great suggestions and industry facts.

All the best for all your future endeavors!

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