Guide to Becoming a Hotel Manager

Hotel management is one of the numerous areas which come under the umbrella term of the Hospitality industry. The precise nature of job of a hotel manager comprises of supervising the operations of a hotel location. While working in the capacity of a hotel manager, your duty will be to manage the operations of any of these – a hotel, a motel, a resort or a similar establishment that provides lodging and related services for guests. One has to judiciously choose a management institutes in Kolkata while pursuing a degree in this field.

The job position “hotel manager” is used to denote the general manager of a hotel who serves as the chief executive at a particular establishment. The several factors working behind the liabilities assigned to the manager are the size of the hotel, the purpose it serves, and the general expectations of the hotel-owners. A general manager at a hotel usually oversees and coordinates the various department heads, who in turn is in charge of the employees working under them and report on the key functions.

A hotel manager (also referred to as a lodging manager) is a hospitality professional who supervises the functions of hotels, motels and resorts. They facilitate operations and make sure that the guests are satisfied. In several establishments, a hotel manager will review the budget and revenue of their facility in order to increase the profit percentage. Additionally, they evaluate the performance of the managers of each department and offer practical suggestions for improvement.

The duty of hotel managers include functions such as overseeing the processes of hiring, onboarding, and resignation of employees, providing assistance with scheduling uninterrupted management coverage, maintaining relationships with external vendors providing service to the hotel, creating reports and presentations for the hotel owner or board of directors, and developing and executing rules & regulations of a hotel.

Generally majority of the hotel managers are full-time employees, but in few cases, they may work for a shorter duration as contract workers. Hotel managers usually receive an annual or monthly salary instead of an hourly or daily wage. The amount of salary paid certainly depends on the category and magnitude of the facility and the location. For instance, a hotel manager who works for a spacious luxury holiday resort might earn a higher salary than one who works for a small hotel in a medium-sized town.

Most hotels employ managers who possess a blend of higher education and hospitality experience. Hotel managers can also opt to acquire diploma in a range of hospitality certifications. Along with the educational qualification, they also need to have a hands-on industrial training. On completion of a degree, hotel managers are inducted into at least 2 years of hospitality experience in miscellaneous departments such as housekeeping, engineering, or food and beverage. This training provides a detailed understanding of the ways in which a hotel functions. Some hotel managers may also receive training through seminars and conferences beyond the course which they are attending. In order to remain up to date on latest industry practices hotel managers are required to attend these conferences which serve as a form of ongoing training.

Some of the salient skills a hotel manager must possess are customer service, critical thinking, and time management. After earning a degree in Hotel Management, gain hospitality experience, and obtain some certifications. The hotel management industry is flourishing and career opportunities related to it are numerous. If you are interested to earn a degree to become a hotel manager, do not forget to check out the best hotel management in Kolkata. SBIHMIT is one of the most popular institutions offering a variety of courses on both Hospitality Management and Hotel Management. Superior course content, highly qualified faculty, and up-to-date facilities combined with a unique education model, steady career focus with holistic self-development are the top reasons why SBIHMIT should be your first choice.

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