GST Training Online Course & Certification – 2022

It is a good sign that you are interested to know in detail about the tax system prevalent in the country. Each responsible citizen of the country needs to be aware of the taxes that they are paying and how it is contributing to the economic structure of the country. The benefits of the historic GST have proved to be quite significant not just for the domestic market but also for the international market.


What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the tax that was imposed by the central government to replace the previously existing bunch of taxes. The introduction of the GST has proved to be a vital game-changer for the Indian economy as it revolutionised the tax system.

GST is an indirect tax or consumption tax used in India on the supply of goods and services. It is a comprehensive tax because it has subsumed almost all the indirect taxes except a few state taxes. It is also a multistage and destination-based tax. We call GST multi-staged as it is imposed at every step in the production process, but is meant to be refunded to all parties in the various stages of production other than the final consumer. It is a destination-based tax since unlike the previous taxes it is collected from point of consumption and not the point of origin.

GST is very transparent in nature as it is available in a totally online format. You GAIN get a thorough knowledge by pursuing GST training online. George Telegraph Institute of Accounts (GTIA) offers precisely such a course which would be extremely helpful for you to be a part of.

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What are some details on GST?

GST has unified the Indian market by providing a common platform for taxation to be applicable on all sales and purchases. Owing to GST, several Central and State taxes have been brought together and it has reduced the impact of the cascading effect or double taxation which used to happen when the tax was imposed at every stage of the production. If you are wondering about your advantage as a buyer, the biggest of them is in terms of a decline in the overall tax burden on goods.


What is the GST Certification course?

GTIA offers you a job-guaranteed course of 2 months which makes you career-ready to directly get into the industry. You only have to benefit from possessing a thorough knowledge of GST in order to file the tax correctly. You will have a lucid notion of how much is deducted from your account as part of the tax while you abide by the rules and regulations. George Telegraph Institute of Accounts (GTIA) is the most popular institute in Kolkata offering a Certificate Course in GST. Candidates are required to have minimum eligibility of class 12 pass or higher.


It is a plus point that both graduates and professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Certified Management Accountants, Cost, and Management Accountants, and students of law and business can pursue this course. The course curriculum includes modules on Scope of Supply, IGST (Place of Supply), Time and Value of Supply, Input Tax Credit, Registration, Tax Invoice, Accounts & Records, Returns, Payment of Tax, Refund, and TDS & TCS. The job aspirants are also taught Job Work, E-commerce, Transitional Provisions, Liabilities, Assessment & Audit, Advance Ruling, Appeals & Revision, Recovery, Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Offence & Penalties.

Check out GTIA’s website today to know more about the courses offered by them.

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