Growth of Animation & Multimedia Industry in India by 2020

The animation and multimedia industry in India is going through a boom phase currently. With improved technology and growing demand for animation and VFX technology, the industry is in requirement of new and fresh talents.

The rapid increase in the subscription of broadband, 3G and 4G networks and Wi-Fi, is opening up more streaming options to the audience. Video consumption on mobiles also has grown massively with the phenomenal number of smartphones in the market.

And content can no longer be classified on the basis of its original medium. It is available to be watched on all the mediums and needs to be made keeping the standard requirements of all the traditional and OTT platforms in mind.

On television too, a simple fire sequence is no longer created by lighting up a fire in real. It is always added with special effects on screen.

Not only films or television, even the original offerings of Netflix or Amazon Prime now have great cinematography and special effects.

This has increased the need for creating fascinating visuals across all the visual mediums. And that is boosting the animation, multimedia and VFX industry the most.

The animation and VFX industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.2% and reach a turnover of Rs 131.7 billion by 2021.

The animation industry is projected to have a steady growth at 9.5% until 2021.

With the growing size of the industry, new and fresh talents with vibrant and attractive ideas will be absorbed in abundance by the industry. Animation is the technology that clicks with the audience instantly and its use in the advertising sector is also vast.

However, there’s a scarcity of talented and trained manpower in the field. We do have a lot of creativity around us, but the same isn’t skilled professionally for the industry to reach or compete with global standards.

Youngsters, who are creative, have a knack in drawing or simply are gadgets and technology lovers, can choose their career path in the animation and multimedia industry.

From web designing to creating storyboards and from attractive graphics to amazing visuals –Animation and multimedia courses offer a package of everything to learn and also select a specific discipline to specialize in.

Animation courses in Kolkata are designed in the most updated and effective way. It exposes students to practical assignments, competitive challenges and makes them come up with their best.

Animation Courses

Multimedia courses offer the following advantages in your career later–

  1. You can work from home if needed and if the technology is available to you. A career as a freelancer animator or graphics designer is something you can choose if you want to work under flexible conditions.


  1. Multimedia courses not only train you for a career in films, television or web projects. You can choose to work for gaming companies and create games that entertain and excite people.


  1. Your creativity will decide your worth as a professional. You can work for ad agencies, MNCs, marketing firms, newspapers, magazines, GECs as a game designer, graphic designer, compositor, digital artist, 2D or 3D animator and more.

A multimedia course trains you in everything that you may opt for in the future. The cultural capital of India, Kolkata, is regarded as the talent hub of India. Being one of the biggest creative destinations in the country, animation courses in Kolkata have some of the best-designed courses for churning out great skills for the industry in the future.

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