Nine Things That Happen When You Are in Graphic Design Art Institute in Kolkata

Graphics designing has become such a voracious field that every other person is interested in learning it. It is one of the fastest-growing industries because of its omnipresent requirement. However, professional certification is really important to attain if you are willing to make it big in this field.

If you have ever doubted the importance of joining a graphics design art institute in Kolkata; then here are nine reasons to change your mind.

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Certification is a MUST on resume

Certification is a MUST on resume

Without proper certification from a reputed institute, companies will not even consider hiring you. If you want a good-paying designing job or career then you must have certification in graphics designing.

You cannot possibly build your dream career without acquiring a certification in graphics designing in the first place.

You can only attain a proper certification upon joining a designing institute which will not only amplify your skills but help you become an expert at the same time. Anytime you join a company or even wish to change your location of work, your resume will demand a certification from a legitimate institute. In those cases, you will need to present a certification.

Studio Exposure

Studio Exposure

Hi-Tech Animation is the only multimedia institute in Eastern India with a production studio of its own. So, while you will be pursuing your course you will simultaneously get professional studio exposure.

No other institute will be able to provide you with professional assistance like Hi-Tech Animation would.

Unlike other typical designing institutes you will be learning designing and at the same time getting to experience the professional studio working side by side. This is an added bonus which you can only acquire if you join a graphics design art institute. No online tutorial can give you a professional ambience of learning in a studio.

Hi-Tech Animation’s studio has created content for a lot of regional, national and various international media channels.

100% Placement Assistance Guaranteed

100% Placement Assistance Guaranteed

Top graphic designing institutes offer 100% placement assistance to students upon the completion of their course duration. In the case of Hi-Tech Animation, the best students are absorbed within the studio itself. As for the rest, they are placed with calls and interviews until and unless properly placed.

In addition to the amazing placement services, all students receive placement training as well. They are groomed and prepared for their interviews which they shall be appearing for.

Some of the top companies across the nation choose to recruit from Hi-Tech Animation because of its studio facility as well. That is an added bonus.  Upon successful completion of your course, you will have a guaranteed job in your hands from one of the top media companies or production studios. This is the kind of security you get if you choose to study in an institute.

You Develop Your own Forte

You Develop Your own Forte

When you are studying in a graphic designing art institute, you get the opportunity to develop your own style and forte of designing. It happens gradually and over some time but eventually, you will find your niche. This helps a graphic designer have his signature style, find their comfort zone and work on their strengths.

This kind of forte development only happens when people are learning in the presence of professional designers in an institute like setup. You have the teacher at your disposal at all times and they are more than willing to help you become an expert.

You will find that some of the top designers in this world have their own signature style of work. This helps them develop their brand identity.

Team Work

Team Work

When you work in a company or firm, you will need to work in collaboration with other designers. You will need to coordinate with your peers on several projects. Therefore, teamwork is an essential skill which no one should be deprived of learning.

When you are studying in an institute, you are given group projects, presentations and discussions which help you develop these delegation skills to the maximum efficiency. Teamwork is important if you want to be a successful designer.

Designers have to know how to share ideas with one another while being respectful, contributing and resourceful. These are things no syllabus can teach you. You only develop these while studying in a classroom with other aspiring graphic designers.

Advanced Communication Skills

Advanced Communication Skills

Communication is an important part of being a graphics designer. You have to pay attention to what your clients are asking of you and their requirements. You need to communicate with your clients and peers to understand their feedback and also give your input.

If you think about it, you are also communicating with your audiences via your designs. Graphic design institutes help you sharpen these communication skills with much-advanced training on a daily basis. You will not even realize how much smarter you have become with communication by the end of your training period.

Communication is the thread which binds the clients with the designer in the first place. Clients also prefer to communicate with designers who are approachable and understand their vision.

Every time you design a banner, you want it to propel a message which is communicating with the target audiences. Hence, advanced communication development is an integral part of institutional learning. Better your communication skills and become a pro designer.

Dealing with Deadlines

Dealing with Deadlines

Graphic designers are always working with strict deadlines. They have to achieve close deadlines all the time. When you are in an institute, you are given projects, homework, assignment and certain tasks which make you efficient in completing tasks within these deadlines.

Once you are done with the training, you will learn how to divide the workload to manage deadlines perfectly. It will be a cakewalk for you then. You have to understand the fact that your clients will not be waiting for weeks for you to come up with new ideas. They will want to see results within the timeframe given.

You will need to know how to ace deadlines and keep the quality of your designs high at the same time. Therefore, time management is very important. It improves over a period of time with constant practice and revision.

Honest and Constructive Feedback

Honest and Constructive Feedback

Criticism is what makes a designer a better artist. Without sufficient quality criticism, a designer is almost good for nothing. You will never learn anything fruitful or improve if you do not receive genuine criticism. Without some direction, you are ought to be lost.

Industry experienced graphic designers and professors will give you the criticism you need to better your work and improve the use of design software. This constant circle of feedback will keep you on your toes.

You will always remember to work hard and never take anything for granted. Feedback is not always negative. The positive feedback will tell you all the good things as well. In that manner, you will always know which direction you are headed. You also become immune to critics. So when your boss asks you to change a design, it does not come as a big shock to you at all.

Feedback is the spinal cord of learning any skill and it is a mandatory one for a good graphics designer.

Master all the Latest Software, Tools and Equipment

Master all the Latest Software, Tools and Equipment

As technology keeps taking on the bigger leap, new tools and software keep on emerging. Every now and then you will find some fancy new designing equipment becoming popular among the graphic designers.

Studying at a renowned graphic designing institute like Hi-Tech Animation will give you access to all these new software, tools and equipment. Not only will you get to learn to use them but master them as well.

You will be able to integrate their skills in your designs and create fantastic art with the same. It is always recommended for designers to learn as many tools and software as they can. This not only helps them accentuate their resume but also helps them become better artists

You will get all the amenities and facilities like updated computers and all the software pre-installed in them.

Hence, if you join an institute, you will not have to worry about any kind of software installation, buying any expensive subscription or designing equipment. Some of the major software which students in a graphic design institute are:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustrator and etc

Hi-Tech Animation is known for helping its students master all the tools required to become an expert graphic designer.

Hi-Tech Animation is proud to say that they make the institutional learning of graphic designing a once in a lifetime experience for their students. Students not only get a certification but learn in the presence of studio exposure and get 100% placement assistance by the end of the training period.

If you want more information regarding graphics designing courses then reach out to us. We will be more than happy to help you.

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