Future Growth of Animation Courses in India

Animation in India

Animation is the art of making static images run in motion. It is the skill of using technology to make digital imagination come to life and move on screen. Animators are largely seen as artists who are in demand at every nook and cranny of our nation’s industries. Their needs expand from being in animation films, shows, cartoons, educational websites and so much more. We are surrounded by animated content all the time. It is not limited to any one industry in specific.

The rise of enrollment for animation courses in India has given a boost to the industry rapidly. The Indian market has become great lucrative platform where people are consuming the animated content largely.

Animation industry in India

The animation industry in India has had a very interesting journey of its own. Now we all know of animation as one of the most successful careers of all time but it was not always the same. Seeing the massive growth and profits, big studios and companies are investing in the studios and editing houses. That has given a boost to the number of jobs as well.

In cities like Kolkata, animation courses are the direct hall pass for students with dreams. If you have a dream to build a career in a creative field, then nothing is going to be better than animation in India. This industry has unlimited numbers of opportunities in media, communication, journalism and etc when it comes to great employment scope.

The growth of animation industry has been around five fold in just the past couple of years. If you want to understand the global reach then take a look at the multiple dubs we have of so many animation films. Movies like The Lion King and Angry Birds being dubbed in so many regional languages along with national language speaks volumes for the capabilities which animation transcends.

If you take a look at some of the most popular shows as well on Netflix India- other than Sacred games, of course are animated shows like Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Disenchantment and etc. the point remains quite abrasive that no matter what happens, animation content is going to have a stronghold in our entertainment eyes.

If we wish to look for the scope of animation beyond entertainment then there are opportunities in E-commerce and E-learning which are equally high paying and lucrative in nature.

Animators carry the pedestals of building notable characters which we cherish, love and enjoy watching. They make advertisements interesting and make us want to believe a little more in magic. In this world which is full of atrocities, we need to understand that having a little more magic would be great.

Future growth of animation in India

We have established from the aforementioned paragraph that animation is a force to be reckoned with. It is a career with a lot of opportunities which one must identify. There is absolutely no shortage at all when it comes to the scope and viable prospects. But we are here to talk about the future growth.

Many experts claim that even in the face of recession and economic instability; the entertainment business remains prosperous as ever. There would never come a time where you will not have films and advertisements made. Internet and the scope of digital content would never deplete. Hence, the future prospects would only entail more jobs in more studios with greater number of scope for students.

Selecting an animation course would only mean that your future is bright with job options and high paying remuneration. And let’s not forget creative freedom which is one of the many perks of being a successful animator.

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