Fate – The Winx Saga: VFX Breakdown of Bloom’s transformation

All 90’s kids are going crazy because they are so excited about Winx Saga being on Netflix. As kids we all dreamt of going to Alfea and being fairies. If you didn’t know, Winx Saga is based on famous cartoon show Winx Club. It was one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network back in the days.

Bloom, the protagonist of the show has been a favourite for many people. The Netflix live action show has been loved by so many people. So many people are enjoying the cool entertainment this show has portrayed. Season one was a stellar success.

One of the coolest things we saw this season was the full fairy transformation of Bloom. This reminded many people of the transformations we saw in the cartoon show. But did you wonder how that was actually shot on camera.

Let’s find out!

VFX Breakdown of Bloom’s Transformation

Netflix has released a new making of video about their fantasy series, Fate – The Winx Saga featuring VFX Supervisor Simon Stanley-Clamp and showing a lot of breakdown work by Cinesite. You can check it out on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. Hear from the man himself, the lead VFX Supervisor Simon Stanley-Clamp.

Ever since the series hit Netflix, students at various VFX training institutes in Kolkata have been talking and discussing about the cool CGI of the show.

The series is based on an original idea developed by Iginio Straffi, who created the popular Winx Club Manga-style cartoon show and movie. This new adaptation, while directed at older audiences, preserves several elements of the original season. He was in progress in Southern Ireland and around Dublin, as well as on four stages in Ardmore Studios at the end of 2019. “Elemental” is the term that describes the look of the VFX.

The mystical abilities of the fairies are based on magic originating from water, fire, earth, sun, air and mind. The above, “empaths,” exhibit a heightened hearing that enables them to hear feelings of others.

Bloom, the main protagonist of the series, has fire as its force. As her talents grew, she becomes the strongest of the fairies, and extensive VFX was needed to incorporate compelling flames emitting from the actress’ hands and tracking across her body as she learns to harness and guide her strength.

Other main results in the series show fairies’ increasing mastery of their abilities, from developing plants to channeling light sources, controlling floating water balls, and arming static electricity.

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