Fashionable Jobs you can choose after pursuing degree course in Media Science

Media Science has such a vast reach that students are capable of attaining huge strides in this field. It is a vivid field, where there a large number of scopes available for students in terms of their employment opportunities.

Media Sciences involve a whole array of different professions which encapsulate films, art, TV, journalism, photography, fashion, post-production, clothing, designing and etc.

It is the most glamorous and fashionable industry that there is in terms of how it looks to the public. If you are someone who is fond of fashion and art then no other degree would be better than that of media sciences.

Let us tell you about some jobs you can pursue after studying from a mass communication college in Kolkata.

Working in Films or Television


Working in front of the camera is a lot about the practice of knowing the theory and practice. You can master the skills only if you know well about the craft. These skills are not something people are born with but something they learn with good practice.

Mass communication colleges in Kolkata help students learn this subject from some of the best professionals in the industry so as to train them eloquently.



Journalists are celebrities in themselves in this largely news consuming digital climate. You can see how prime time reporters and anchors are seen as the celebrities of this modern day and age. There is a star factor associated with these journalists.

Whether it is NDTV’s Ravish Kumar or Aaj Tak’s Anjana Om Kashyap; they all have a star aura and celebrity factor associated with their work.

A degree course in media science would teach you the coursework of becoming a good journalist and train you in doing the same.

Animation, Design and Creative Outlets

animation and media

Creativity and art is a form of expression for most of the artists out there. Animators, Graphic designers and etc are always seeking their comfort place in this industry. Well, there happen to be millions of job openings and a lot of creative opportunities for individuals who have a mass communication degree and are expert in this field too. You would find that there is no shortage of any kind of job opportunities for individuals who are dedicated and committed to their creativity.

These were some of the fashionable and out of the box careers which we think you can adapt to building a solid career for yourself.

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