Everything you need to know about Certified GST Course

To gain a clear perspective on the tax system of the nation, the best option is to do a certificate course in GST. As GST is applicable to every single product or service that we buy, it is profitable to have fair knowledge. GST has proved to be revolutionary in the field of Indian taxation. After doing a certified GST course you will gain several career opportunities. On top of that, you get to know the procedure of how to file the tax. George Telegraph Institute of Accounts (GTIA) is the most popular institution that offers diverse vocational courses including one on GST.


What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) refers to the tax that was instituted by the Government of India in an attempt to unify the Indian economy. As this tax was implemented it proved to be a major game-changer in the Indian economy. GST is a form of indirect tax that was introduced to replace the multiple taxes that were prevalent earlier.

GST is a comprehensive tax as it has subsumed almost all the indirect taxes except a few state taxes. Being a multi-staged tax, it is imposed at every step of the production process but is meant to be refunded to all parties in the various stages of production except the final customer. GST is also a destination-based tax that is collected from point of consumption and not the point of origin as was done earlier.


What is the importance of GST?

GST replaced several taxes including Value Added Tax, Service Tax, Purchase Tax, and Excise Duty. It has been hailed as the greatest single tax reform in the Indian economy. GST is a transparent tax that you can choose to fill online.

GST has provided a common platform for taxation to be applicable on all sales and purchases in order to unify the Indian market. Owing to GST, several Central and State taxes have been brought together. Consequently, it has reduced the impact of the cascading effect or double taxation which used to happen when the tax was imposed at every stage of production. As a buyer, the biggest advantage has been in terms of the reduction of the overall tax burden.


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What is the Certified GST course?

GTIA has designed a short-term course of 2 months where the minimum eligibility criterion is a class 12 pass candidate. The industry-relevant modules taught in the course are Scope of Supply, IGST (Place of Supply), Time and Value of Supply, Input Tax Credit, Registration, Tax Invoice, Accounts & Records, Returns, Payment of Tax, Refund, and TDS & TCS. Extensive knowledge in this field is required to not get overwhelmed but to file the tax correctly.

The biggest plus is that both freshers and professionals can choose to do this course. You also get to be employed as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Certified Management Accountants, Cost, and Management Accountants, and many more. The course curriculum also includes topics on Job Work, E-commerce, Transitional Provisions, Liabilities, Assessment & Audit, Advance Ruling, Appeals & Revision, Recovery, Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Offence & Penalties.


Where do I learn the course?

George Telegraph Institute of Accounts (GTIA) is the most reputed institute in Kolkata which offers a comprehensive GST course. Upon completion of this course, you earn increased chances of a hike in salary, prospect to open one’s own tax consultancy firm, acquire perceptive data regarding the expense structure, and develop advanced problem solving and accounting capabilities.

GTIA offers courses both in the online and offline modes. Another popular course they offer is the Tally course online. They charge affordable fees which makes them all the more popular among the students. You will benefit in myriad ways after doing the career-ready courses they offer. Have a look at the courses by visiting their website today.

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