Culinary Art School Prepares You for an Exciting Career

The food and hospitality industry is fast-growing and it needs young and fresh graduates to take over the culinary business. To make it into the culinary business, you only need your high school certificate and nothing more. From there, you can apply to the course that best suits your interests and talents.

What Degree to get?

There are a couple of culinary courses to choose from, while an associate degree requires the least time, a bachelors and master’s degree are lengthier but provide a holistic culinary education.

Culinary Arts Associate Programs- this is ideal for those who are just starting out and want to learn the basics of cooking. Depending on the program and school, students can either go for baking and pastry art or into culinary arts. Both of which are absolutely brilliant for starters.

Culinary Arts Bachelor’s Degree programs- this is important for those who want a career as a chef or a restaurateur. Here they would learn not just about flavor profiles, and food, but also the necessary skills required in the field. Some of the available career choices are- applied food studies, culinary science, food business, and hospitality management.

Culinary Arts Master’s Degree Program- this is great for those who further want to expand their knowledge and wish to climb up the career ladder by increasing the opportunities available. Through this, they will be eligible to open their own restaurant and even get into wine management.

Possible Career

There are plenty of job opportunities within the hospitality industry that you can apply for after acquiring a degree. From working at hotels, restaurants, to getting into event management, and more.

Executive Chef- they are the ones in charge of the entire menu and also oversee the kitchen and are accountable for the food and service. They develop menus, create and test recipes, train sous chefs and staff, and direct the kitchen staff to prepare and plate dishes properly.

Food Entrepreneur- if you want, with the skills and knowledge you learned at culinary school, you can easily open up your own business. You can get into the catering business, open up a food truck, restaurant, bar, café, bakery, the list is endless.

Food Writer- if you are passionate about both food and writing, this is it for you. You can create a cookbook, that can focus on easy cooking, healthy cooking, vegan recipes, and so much more. It is an art to write in a manner that sounds warm and generous to people as they read your recipes and the story behind it.

Research and Development Chef- these are the masterminds behind the bottled sauces and spices and the kitchen tools we use in our day to day life. They help in designing equipment, create flavourful sauces, promote products, and help attract new business and build brand loyalty.

Sommelier- if you are a wine lover, this could not get any better. If you visit restaurants that have an extensive list of wines, it is often curated and developed by a wine expert who has studied the body, texture, acidity, balance, and bouquet of different wines. They help restaurants in the selection of wines and match dishes with specific wines that go well with them.

This is only a gist of what makes the culinary business exciting and worthwhile. If you seem to have an interest in any of the above-mentioned jobs, culinary might just be the perfect career for you. Check out some top culinary schools in Kolkata and get ready to explore the wonderful world of food!

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