Checkout The Advantage Of Learning B.Sc In Animation & Multimedia At Ilead

India is the new emerging animation capital in the world. With projects outsourced from foreign countries and a tremendous demand to fulfill indigenous needs, India is now facing a great shortage of animation artists.

The demand-supply gap of such professionals stands at 100 to 20 ratio. To fill this gap, we are in urgent need of skilled animation and VFX artists that only a proper course on the same can provide.

iLEAD in Kolkata is one of the colleges that provide students with a B.Sc Animation degree course. It is one of the most advanced multimedia courses which are designed keeping the current industry requirements and standards in mind.

The various advantages of learning B.Sc Animation at iLEAD are the following –


  • The B.Sc Animation course at iLEAD is affiliated with Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), West Bengal’s biggest university.
  • It is UGC recognized.
  • The course is in association with Hi-Tech Animation, one of the leading animation companies in Bengal.
  • As a result, students get to work hands-on in projects and gain work experience while still studying the course.
  • The course consists of Graphics, Web Designing, and Animation.
  • From 2D and 3D technology to the latest compositing software, the course gives you practical exposure to everything.
  • Get to work on Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop for graphics.
  • Learn how to use DreamWeaver to come up with responsive page design.
  • Adobe Flash for 2D, Maya for 3D, After Effects, Nuke, Fusion are some of the software the students get to work on. These are the highest technology standards used in the industry today.
  • You get to create an impressive portfolio for yourself before taking the final leap into the professional world.
  • The course not only prepares you to become a skilled professional but also empowers you to become a freelancer and work independently or to choose the path of entrepreneurship.

iLEAD believes in making the students learn the technology and then understand the aesthetics to implement their creative ideas digitally.

The highlights of the course per semester stand as –

 Semester 1


  • Design Methodology & Process
  • Design fundamentals and visual literacy
  • Digital Design 1 (Illustrator & Photoshop)
  • Design Project 1 (Typographic Design)

Semester 2


  • Visual narratives and sequential structure
  • Fundamentals of digital photography
  • Digital Design 2 (InDesign & Flash)
  • Design Project 2 (Visual communication)

Semester 3


  • Animation fundamentals and the science of motion
  • 2D Animation Film Making
  • Digital Design 3 (Dreamweaver & Flash)
  • Design Project 3 (Web design)

Semester 4


  • Animation production process
  • Portfolio creation and presentation
  • Digital Design 4 (Aftereffects, premier & audition)
  • Design Project 4(Infographics & Motion graphics design)

Semester 5


  • Advertising and Branding design
  • Internship
  • Digital Design Sp (Aftereffects and Maya/Photoshop and Flash)
  • SP Project A & B

Semester 6


  • Specialization A & B
  • Research project
  • Demo-real and Portfolio
  • Final Project

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