Career You Can Build in BCA After Class 12

It is quite common for people to be worried about the career opportunities which they might pursue after finishing class 12. Students often find it difficult to make a solid decision as to what stream or subject would be best for their graduation. Have you considered BCA course in Kolkata?

Bachelors in Computer Application is a very popular course out there in the realm of career-oriented degrees.

Eligibility for BCA Course

BCA course

The eligibility criterion for pursuing BCA is pretty much similar in all the colleges. There is no major difference. Today, however, we will be discussing the eligibility in George College. This college is affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT). Having an affiliation to such a prestigious university, this college promises the best teaching and learning experience to students.

Any student who has passed 10+2 with English and Mathematics or Business Mathematics or Statistics or Computer Application as a passed subject is eligible for admission.

You do not need to have any other degree or certification prior to admission. You become eligible by just the above-mentioned criteria itself.

Career prospects in Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA course in Kolkata

Bachelor of Computer Application has always been an additional degree which people pursue to decorate their resume. However, that is a pretty legitimate reason to take up this course; you should be taking into account some other reasons as well.

  • BCA degree helps millions of people to get jobs related to computer applications.
  • You get to learn advanced skills like C++, Java and etc which are important in the IT industry.
  • BCA graduates can pretty much work in any sector they want. It is a very flexible area of work.
  • Public and private industries are both in constant need of professionals from this industry.
  • Top colleges like George College give 100% placement assistance to these graduates after the successful completion of their course period.

Hence, once you have completed your course in bachelor of computer applications, you will have countless opportunities for your future career.

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