Career Opportunities for Animators in India

If you take a closer look at the animation industry, you will notice that it has become much more sophisticated than it was before. With newer technologies and gadgets, it is possible to learn skills that earlier looked out of reach. This means that there are more job opportunities in the field of animation and it will only keep growing as time goes by. So, let us have a look at the type of jobs available for animation artist.


3D Animation Artist

Here is a 3D animation artist, you will be required to create depth and visual effects for the animated characters. You can work for television, games, ad agencies, and more. You will have to create graphics, animated films and other characters using software and illustrations. These days many ad agencies also hire animators to make their ads pop out and appeal to the audiences. Also, education websites also sometimes hire animators to make learning easy for users.


Compositing Artist

One of the most important and possibly the toughest job too, a compositor works in the production process. They are in charge of the creation of the final product and work closely with the VFX artists, lighting team, and surface executives to create the final product of an animated film. It is their responsibility to make sure there are no errors and the end result looks pristine and perfect.


Character Animation Artist

They are the ones who configure characters using liveliness programming, 3D displays, 2D activities, and puppetry. Their job is to create moving characters, create storylines, for films, television, games, mobile applications, websites, news channels, and more. They bring life into the characters created and are extremely detail-oriented so that the characters look realistic or have unique features (if for cartoons and films).


Flash Animator

When working as a flash animator, one has to work with delineation, visual communication and structure to create convincing and creative 2D and 3D projects. They work in advertising agencies, create videos for web series, video games, creates websites, and also for educational websites and objects.



These people work with ad agencies and marketing companies to create logos and typefaces. They need to have a great deal of knowledge in the field of drawing, design, colouring, pattern creation and more. There are plenty of job roles for illustrators as they are constantly in demand, even more so these days with the increasing need for strategic marketing.


YouTube Animator

Even though in the beginning you might not make money from YouTube, if you keep continuing, it is an extremely creative way to express yourself. At the same time, because you are not working for anyone (except when you receive a commission for certain brands), you have full freedom to animate as and when you want. Plus, these days there are many animators on YouTube who are doing an amazing job and have millions of followers. For reference, check out Domics on YouTube.


All in all, it is one of the most creative field and literally requires you to come up with original ideas. It is rewarding even more if you can learn 3D animation course from a professional studio. 3D animation courses in Kolkata teach creative and necessary required to become a professional animator. For reference, Starblast animation has a team of professionals who train students enabling them to find their preferred jobs in the animation world.

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