Career in Diploma in Automobile Engineering

As the number of car owners and vehicle users are increasing amidst the situation of lockdown, it is important that more people have some knowledge in the field of automobile engineering. Doing a diploma in automobile engineering is beneficial on several levels. Not only would you be able to repair the automobile vehicles in your locality you will also be possessing technical acumen. Automobile Engineering is one of the popular branches of engineering that deals with designing, manufacturing, and maintenance of automobiles. Under the umbrella of automobile Engineering there exists an array of sub-disciplines, starting from designing the vehicles to manufacturing components, assembling and testing them for safety. Other than the full-fledged Under Graduate and Graduate courses, you can also do short-term vocational trainings in this subject to have a successful career.

Skills Required

You might be interested to get into this field but you must possess a comprehensive knowledge of the internal combustion engine, the mechanism of the vehicle chassis, electrical systems, workshop technology, motor transport affairs, and research and design. The candidates looking forward to obtain this degree must have commendable technical knowledge and experience. They should have sharp mathematical skills along with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Apart from these, basic knowledge of machine design, manufacturing processes and mechanical systems, clear concept of electrical and electromechanical systems, and acquaintance of digital circuits and interfacing with mechanical/electromechanical system. The general characteristics that a learner of this field should possess are the ability to analyse and interpret data, good communication and presentation skills, and the capability of prioritising.

Job Opportunities

Automobile engineers can work in diverse capacities in manufacture of cars, motorcycles, and other commercial vehicles including design, manufacture, distribution, marketing, sales and after-sales care. Vehicle manufacturers generally employ the majority of automotive engineers yet they enjoy great demand in industries of tyre manufacturing, specialist vehicle design companies and research/test laboratories. Individuals who have successfully completed a Diploma can function as self-employed but several years of relevant experience is often a prerequisite.

Roles and Responsibilities

The automobile engineers are responsible for the designing, developing, installing, and maintaining the automobile equipment that is used to administer and regulate engineering systems machinery and processes in vehicles. The onus is on the engineers to ensure that all systems and equipment are operating safely, efficiently, and accurately. They are required to have a strong understanding of how an organisation operates and they are often needed to work in a multi-disciplinary field. They are often given the task to examine, maintain, and amend the existing systems in automobiles. They need to analyse data and present the in the form of reports. They are supposed to develop and design new control systems in collaboration with design engineers, operation engineers, and other staff.

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The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) is one of the leading institutions in Kolkata which offers diverse professional courses including Diploma in Automobile Engineering. The eligibility criteria for this course is class 10 pass and the course duration is 24 months. The scope of the syllabus include modules on Workshop Science, Auto Theory, Engineering Drawing, Auto Transmission theory, Workshop Technology, Diesel Theory, Auto Electricity, Industrial Engineering, and Motor Vehicle Act. On successful completion of this course, a candidate will be able to work as service and maintenance engineers, supervisors, field supervisors, sales representatives of all types of vehicles. GTTI’s association with leading manufacturing companies of India ensures that the practical training provided by them matches the requirement of the current market and makes them job-ready.

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