The career you can choose after completing journalism and mass communication

In the past decade and even more in the last few years, mass communication and journalism have become a dynamic career. We live in a world which is wholeheartedly dependent on media and journalism for all sorts of entertainment, information and knowledge. With the increase in the number of television shows, news channels, movies, production studios, digital media platforms and etc; there is no stopping to the mass increase of this field.

The lists of career opportunities which entail this field are even wider. Here are some of the career options which you can select after completing mass com and journalism courses in Kolkata.

Films and Television

Under the advent of entertainment, films and television have become the most sought after places for students post completing their studies from Mass communication colleges in Kolkata. The entertainment business is higher than anything. You can see that with the kind of business and success that shows on television are able to generate. This does not just mean the traditional media but also the digital platforms like Netflix and Prime. There is no shortage at all for recruitment in this sector. With the wide range of studios, independent media houses and radio stations; one can really imagine the scope.

Over 85% rise is seen very alternate year in this industry. The Indian film and television industry is worth billions and will continue to grow every single day.

News reporting, editing and presenting

The news industry is second to entertainment and television. The ultimate source of people’s information is news platforms. Whether it is print, digital or conventional media journalism. The scope knows no boundaries. These days a lot of YouTube platforms have also come up and put forward news, reporting on entertainment, global issues and general information and etc. TV channels hire talented writers, editors, reporters and media personals all the time.

This is a very prospectus arena for talented mass communication enthusiasts.


If you have a knack for photography and wish to pursue the same then also this is a very lucrative career. Photojournalists are reporters who bring information in the form of their photographs. They need to have quick writing instincts with some technical knowledge of photography. The job of photojournalism can expand to all the sectors of the media industry. Right from news coverage to research journalism and etc. The pay grade is also very good for talented and experienced artists.

Public Relations

Public Relation or PR is the most popular job in the entertainment business. The revenue of PR companies is humongous. All celebrities, upcoming artists, producers, media personals, digital media artists require a PR company and PR group to head them. No one goes without a dedicated PR team. In fact, celebrities are known to invest a major amount of their income towards PR itself. Being in PR gives you great leverage in terms of career growth. As mentioned earlier, the PR team of any celebrity or actor gets paid huge amounts of salaries. Public relation officers are also required in IT and other private companies as well. Their work is towards reputation and news management.

Art Director

The art director is the head of any video or animation project. The art director is the person who gets all the reports and updates. It surely requires some amount of experience and extensive hard work to become an art director but it is definitely worth it. Art Director is like the boss of any video project. He is the person who approves all the next steps and directs the order of work.

There are hundreds of more career options like being an editor, illustrator, writer, filmmaker and etc. The sky is the limit if you keep working hard in mass communication and journalism.

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