Best procreate brushes graphics designer can use

Whether you need brushes for painting, sketching, lettering or more; procreate brushes are the best way to add refining touches to your work. Photoshop gets most of its work potential from these to procreate brushes only.

When you study from the best graphic design institute in Kolkata, you do get to learn about all of these in your curriculum. However, it is good to revise and look back at the syllabus from time to time.

Acquiring the best brushes from Procreate will help you improve the software for art. Since Procreate is the professional and hobbyist designers’ first choice steno pad, it has a wide range of tools that are good assets to the software. As well as some fantastic premium options, we’ve rounded up the very best free Procreate brushes, so all you have to do is download them.

Classic Illustration Brush Pack

Look no further if you look for Procreate brushes for illustration. Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, this pack of drawing brushes contains 13 natural media objects that are great for drawing and illustrating in Procreate. Pencil, charcoal, paint, gouache and a range of staplers that can save your arm from an amount of discomfort are included.

Revelation Halftones

This set has 48 procreate brushes for use. It is considered the go-to tool by so many different designers and storyboard artists too. Even though the work taught in graphic design courses in Kolkata is subjected to departments, this one set can really help elevate your skills to a whole another level.

You need both nicely-edged and rough tools, as well as directions for installing them that are easy to follow. For someone who wants to operate with halftones in Procreate, these are a significant time-saver.

Do reach out to us in order to learn about these professionally in a course.

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