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Good and Services Tax (GST) is a unifying tax implemented by the Government of India (GoI) which has brought the multiple taxes under one umbrella. Moreover this tax has four components and is levied by both the central government and the state government. It is a multistage and comprehensive form of indirect tax. It is destination-based and collected from the point of consumption unlike the earlier taxes which were collected from the point of origin. It is multistage because it is imposed at every stage of the production process and is meant to be refunded to all the parties except the final consumer. In order to understand this matter in depth you can do a GST course online.


GST course online
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Advantages of GST

One of the most remarkable economic reforms introduced by the Government of India is the GST which has numerous advantages. The implementation of this tax has made the processes of money transaction and other contingent activities transparent and corruption-free. To reduce the problem of taxpayers evading filing their taxes which are generally of huge amount, this tax has helped a lot. This tax has also led to lesser revenue leaks and generation of better revenues along with providing a common platform for taxation. GST has also facilitated the removal of the Cascading Effect which is also known as “double taxation” by managing to bring the diverse taxes under its wing. As this process is entirely available in the online mode, it has become quite convenient for taxpayers, agents, and businesses to access this tax. The advantages of GST are extensive and are not only business-friendly but consumer-friendly as well. This process of taxation has given India good impression in the global market.


GST Certificate Course

If you are interested to learn and know about the tax regimes prevalent in the country and how they function, it would be a good decision to enrol in a course on the various taxes. In order to file GST appropriately and not get confused and overwhelmed while doing so, by, it is a good option to have an in-depth knowledge of GST and its procedure. On successful completion of this course there will be several career choices for the candidate. The other advantages of doing this course include high chances of salary hike, opportunity to open one’s own tax consultancy firm, diverse job opportunities, acquiring perceptive data regarding the expense structure, and superior problem solving and accounting capabilities.

Tally course online
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George Telegraph Institute of Accounts (GTIA)

It is wise to choose a reputable institution once you have decided to do a certificate course on GST. George Telegraph Institute of Accounts (GTIA) is one of the most reputed institutions in Kolkata offering a Certificate Course on GST which can be pursued by students having the minimum eligibility of class 12 pass. This course is beneficial in innumerable ways and GTIA quite conveniently offers the course in both offline and online modes. This short course has duration of only 2 months and not just young students but professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Certified Management Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants, and students of law and business can choose to do this course. The different topics on which candidates are taught are Scope of Supply, IGST (Place of Supply), Time and Value of Supply,  Input Tax Credit, Registration, Tax Invoice, Accounts & Records, Returns, Payment of Tax, Refund, and TDS & TCS.  Other than these, candidates are also taught on Job Work, Ecommerce, Transitional Provisions, Liabilities, Assessment & Audit, Advance Ruling, Appeals & Revision, Recovery, Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Offence & Penalties. Apart from this course offered by GTIA, another of their most-sought course is Tally course online. If you are interested in these fields and want to build a career in this industry, you should definitely check out the courses offered by GTIA.

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