Find Best Beautician Course in Kolkata at Affordable Price

best beautician course in Kolkata

Beauticians are also known as professional cosmetologists who work in beauty parlors and salons. They are experts in their own field of grooming and beauty. Beauticians are known to be multi-tasking experts because they know so much about skin, hair, makeup and grooming of men and women.

Beautician training is the preferred career choice for a lot of people. These professionals are able to work in all kind of cosmetology places. Here are the places where they are welcome to start working upon acquiring a diploma course:

  • Beauty Parlor
  • Beauty Salon
  • Hair Salon
  • Makeup Artist Studio
  • Waxing Parlor
  • Spa
  • Skin and hair clinic
  • Consultancy Clinics and Salons

Best beautician course in Kolkata

Kolkata is among one of the most developed cities in India. Those being the reason, beauty parlors and beautician services are springing up like anything in this city. There is no scarcity of scope and career prospects in Kolkata for the aspiring beauticians.

The George Telegraph Training Institute (GTTI) has the best beautician course in Kolkata. As you might already know, GTTI has been providing career based courses for over a hundred years now. It started with the aim of providing courses where students will be able to get a decent job by the end of the training. It has stood by that and continued to shape lives with its fantastic courses.

Within the diploma in beauty and wellness, there are a lot of different courses offered by this institute.

  • Advance Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Advance Diploma in Beauty
  • Advance Diploma in Hair
  • Advance Diploma in Makeup
  • Diploma in Hair
  • Diploma in Beauty
  • Diploma in Makeup

These are all the different diploma courses available in GTTI. You can choose the one you feel would be the best for your career as per the interests.

If you want to know more about the course details, placements and other services associated with these courses then reach out to us and we will help you find the best courses.

Fees of Diploma in Beautician Course

Beautician courses are relatively cost friendly. They are not very expensive in their fee structure. GTTI has always believed in providing affordable education to the masses with at reasonable costs.

Education should never be inaccessible. If you are interested in being a beautician then nothing should stop you from being one. Hence, the course fees are really low and you do not have to stress about that. To find out more about that, you need to contact GTTI. We cannot talk about the actual number of the fees because it would differ from course to course.

The fees of all the courses cannot be the same. Hence, you need to enquire about the courses you are interested in and our experts will assist you with the best courses and their fee structure as well.

So, get the most professional and career defining beautician course at the most affordable price in Kolkata at GTTI.

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