Benefits of Pursuing Fashion Course from iLEAD


Did you hear about the phrase ‘Sustainable Fashion’? Are you aware that in the present world wherein everything is demanding a sustainable approach, even the fashion and garment industry is soon going to take the same route? 5 years from now the world would want not only creative but also sustainable fashion designers.

The garment industry currently contributes to almost 10% of the total carbon gas emissions in the world. It is regarded as the 2nd most polluting industry across the globe. As much as it is wasting the natural resources like excessive use of water (it takes 20,000 liters of water to make one pair of jeans and T-shirt), it is also not aware enough about ‘circular fashion’.

Understanding the need of the hour iLEAD along with ESEDS have come up with unique research-oriented sustainable design course for the future generation designers. The course is in complete alignment with international standards and industry needs.

Some of the unique features of B.Sc Fashion Designing at iLEAD are as follows –


  1. The course follows a policy of ‘By the designers, for the designers and with the designers’. It aims to create a force of designers who would be responsible for sourcing, production and labor rights in the garment industry.
  2. ESEDS iLEAD’sfashion designing course is in collaboration with Arts University, Bournemouth and University of Creative Arts, UK.
  3. Students may also get the opportunity to travel to UK for a 2-week design course.
  4. The institute is also listed as the first sustainable design institute in India. ESEDS iLEAD is among the top 58 design schools in the world.
  5. Their degree course is affiliated under the MaulanaAbulKalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT).
  6. The guest lecturers at the institute come from Paris, France, Bangladesh, London, Australia, and Germany.

Fashion Design

Talking about the course, Aloke Kumar Singh, Creative Director and Co-Founder of ESEDS School of Design said, “We teach them to create an individual style but work in a team. Motivate them to dream big and achieve it. We prepare the students in a way that makes them achieve their goal on their own. The quality is so high that we have never been needed to work on their placements or internships. Those have happened on their own.”

If you are not confident about your drawing skills, then also you need not worry. ESEDS iLEAD needs you to have just understandable illustrations skills. “It is not required that students need to be absolute artists when it comes to drawing. If they can, it’s a plus point. If they can’t, they can adapt their own style of illustration. The kind of illustration that is understandable. They need to make people understand the garment, the design. And that’s about it. We encourage our students to create anything that is wearable or unwearable because there’s a customer out there for every kind of design. They just need to innovate, explore and execute their designs in an understandable way”, said Aloke Kumar Singh.

So just in case you were looking for a new age fashion designing institute in India, iLEAD is probably the place you were looking for to take up your B.Sc Fashion Designing degree course.

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