Benefits of Management studies over Media Studies

As it turns out with the plethora of courses out there, a lot of students are confused as to which one to choose. They are unable to figure out the benefits of one course over the other, which can be really difficult at the end of the students. One of the most debated one these days are management and media studies. These create a tough tussle in the minds of the students who are looking for pursuing either one of the degrees.

Today we shall be discussing the management institutes in Kolkata and how it has certain benefits over the media studies degree. Let’s clarify from the very beginning that it is a completely different discipline on its own and there can never be any comparison. However, when it comes to prospects, they are different fields and we shall be learning about the same.

The new wanted position is management

It goes without saying that the most wanted position in corporate and business sectors these days is that of managers and management professionals. You will find that the pay for management professionals is humongous. It is the new hero in town. As the rise of economic growth and globalization continues, there is going to be a larger plethora of students who would want to take up management. There are over ten million new jobs created each year. That should speak loud enough to explain the kind of opportunities you shall be getting.

Management is a very wanted degree in all fields. On the other hand, media studies would be limited to exposure to media and entertainment. It sure includes journalism, photography, content management, filmmaking, editing and everything else with media and entertainment. Hence, there is a stream gap between the two.

Salary increment

Management degree holders get paid in huge digits even at the beginning of their career. If you pass out from top management colleges in Kolkata then you are eligible to get paid in huge numbers. There would be great incentives associated with your job. Increment also happens very quickly.

On the other hand, in the case of media, the starting salary is not very large for an amateur. For example, if you join as a junior or assistant artist then the amount you get paid would not be as large as that in management offices. Managers do have an overwhelmingly large salary. That is one of the benefits which you can count.

The better pace of work

The pace of work in the media industry is ten times quicker than that of management institutions. You will find a more legitimate pace of work within the structural framework. However, in the case of being a media artist, your bread and butter depend upon the art and skill you have at hand. The spontaneity is not meant for everyone. It is a great industry with lots of scope for sure but when it comes to pace there is none in the media and entertainment business.

The consumption of quicker media these days makes it so.

Now that we have laid down the differences in front of you, you will understand that the benefits are many. Go ahead and enrol in a management institute now!

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