Do You Need to be Good at Drawing to Become a Graphic Designer?

What Do Graphic Designers Do?

Graphic designers are visual experts who make designs from computer software.  They use their creativity and artistic instincts to come up with designs which are ought to look stunning on the human eye. Designers make campaign posters, advertisements, logos, website designs and etc for various companies and businesses.

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Every time you see an ad, a banner or poster on road or even a brand’s poster in the mall; understand that it has been designed by a graphics designer. They are the brains behind that.

Since the work of graphics designing is all about art and creating images, a lot of people live the misconception that you need to know drawing to become a graphics designer. Nothing could be farther from the truth. None of the graphic designer courses demand that.

Do You Need to Know Drawing?

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Having an inclination towards art and artistic capabilities is something which definitely helps. It helps you develop an eye for designs. Children who learn drawing as kids definitely have an upper hand in learning designing. They will know how to draw shapes and understand colors.

Having said that, there is no rule which says that you need to know drawing for becoming a graphics designer. Some of the best graphic designers in the world didn’t learn drawing and they are making a handsome living for themselves without any hindrance whatsoever.

Even if you are decent in drawing, graphic designing is ought to help you improve that. You learn all about the different software step by step and you can improve your skills as you move forward.

The major software and tools which one gets to learn in graphic designing are:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe In Design
  • Light room and etc.

These do not require you to be a pencil artist at all. You can be absolutely clueless about drawing and still make a fortune as a graphic designer. We can assure you that no graphics design art institute in Kolkata would care whether you know drawing or not.

Then, What Do I Need to Know?

graphics design art institute in Kolkata

Now you might be thinking, if it is not drawing then what exactly the pre-requisite is. Well, it is never discouraged for students to know drawing and some aspects of design beforehand. It does give them an upper hand in learning designing.

However, what you really need to have is an ambition to learn and hard working attitude. Without a hardworking attitude, you cannot ace this course to its maximum potential.

Since the course is all about creativity development, it is encouraged for students to keep exploring the work of other designers and continue taking inspiration from there as well. Be mindful of the fact that it is a skill based industry and all your successes shall be aligned to what work you are able to portray.


graphics design art institute in Kolkata

You do not need to be an artist to become a graphics designer. You can make a good name for yourself in this field without even knowing how to hold a pencil. Make sure that you are hardworking and dedicated in the training period. That is very important if you really want to make a good impression for yourself.

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