Basic Job Responsibility of A HVAC Technician

Being an HVAC technician is a job which entails a list of responsibilities and duties. These are engineers who are trained to fix and do the servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning appliances from time to time. Being an HVAC technician has a lot of advantages in this economy where appliances are bought and sold at a very unprecedented rate. Even when the economy continues to slow down, the sale of refrigeration and air conditioning items never shake.

In such a consistent industry, one must know their job roles, if they wish to pursue careers successfully. In this article, we will be telling you about the various job roles which HVAC technicians are entitled with. These are the responsibilities which they have to take care of.

Repairing and servicing appliances

The most commonly found job role of HVAC technicians is repairing the appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, geysers, heaters, washing machines and etc. They ensure that the problems arising with these electrical appliances are fixed. It could be some internal issue or damage over time. Most technicians work in companies who manufacture the items and work as their customer serving agents.

Some work for independent repairing companies who fix any issues which clients might be having. A lot of people also choose this profession as freelancers. It is completely to each to their own. In a couple of top institutes in Kolkata HVAC courses have various kinds as well. In some course streams, you can select the company you want to train for. Hence, they would train you for fixing and servicing their appliances and recruit you as well. Click here to find out more!

 Tender to the client

Tendering to the specific concerns and issues of the clients is the foremost duty of the technicians. As an HVAC professional, one does need to ensure that your initial orders from the company could be different but at the end of the day- listen to what the client says. It is crucial to keep in mind that the client’s wishes come above anything and everything. They are the deciders of your performance, so you do not want to disappoint them.

Listen to them patiently and understand the key issue which they are referring to before starting your work. It is very important to keep these key points in mind before you begin to work upon the problem.

Sometimes it might happen that you have gone for a servicing appointment and the client is referring to some kind of problem. Make sure that you do not leave that unattended. That issue must be also solved by you in order to get in good graces of the clients.

Know your core strengths

Being an HVAC technician is not just about learning refrigeration and air conditioning appliances but a lot more than that. HVAC is the collective study of heaters, geysers and all other kinds of electrical appliances. So you might have to work upon them as well.

Therefore, know your strengths properly. If your strengths are with other appliances then make sure that you train in them. There are a lot of courses where you can select the HVAC appliance of your choice and then specialize in those. You can find those in a large number of top institutes in Kolkata.

In addition to that, your core strengths of understanding job responsibility can go a long way in tendering towards your skills and attributes.

These were some of the basic responsibilities associated with becoming an HVAC technician. Mastering these responsibilities would make you a better technician for sure. So pull up your socks and start working hard!

All the best!

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