After Disney creates live action version of their famous animated movies will it be difficult for animators to get jobs?

The plethora of live-action and animation movies in Disney is one of the latest trends. With the success of Jungle Book, Mary Poppins and Beauty and the Beast; there is literally no stopping. It also encapsulates a whole new generation who have never watched or heard of these films and definitely would not be interested if it was animated.

Emma Watson being Bella in Beauty and the beast got so many people interested in what it actually might be. But with the sporadic rise of live-action cinema, many wonder if this will be the end of high volume animator recruitment. Well, let’s try to understand that better with some insights.

Animation industry and job vacancy

Animation Job Vacancy

As an industry, it is rising its worth and demand at an exponential rate. Over 45% more young adults and adults watch animated films every alternate year. No other industry has been so vastly demanding in media and entertainment. With thousands of production studios opening up every day, it has become even more lucrative for aspiring artists to score good jobs.

In addition to that, there is a large section of live-action cinema which needs animator’s assistance as well.

Not many people know this but it is impossible to create a Disney drama with just plain VFX. Animation works are not limited to just the 3d animation production houses making animated content but also those who are doing designing and visual effects related stuff.

Other than Disney there are so many other local, regional and national channels which produce animation shows and cartoons for various audiences. Therefore, you need not worry about anything when it comes to the number of employment vacancies.

This industry supplies talent not only in entertainment and films but various other sectors as well. Some of them are education, online businesses, designing, interior decoration, logo making, advertisement, e-commerce and etc.

There is no end to the opportunities which are going to line up for students wanting to create a reasonable impression in the business.  Skill-based industries are the ones which rely upon demand and supply. The demands are spiking to a whole another level making people select this industry even more. The availability of animation jobs in Kolkata and everywhere else in the nation has no limitations. It is one of the most sought after employment in the nation as of now.

The relation between live-action and animated movies

Just because a large number of remake live-action movies are getting made, does not mean that animated films are being made. The latter is still more in number than the previous one. As stated at the beginning of the article it is to attract a greater audience base. It is not possible to do that in terms of juvenile cinema. Animation has become more accessible and greatly appreciated by people on digital platforms these days. Shows like Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman have proven that age is literally just a number when it comes to loving animated content.

We can draw the very simple conclusion that there are no cut-offs or layoffs in the animation department of Disney or any other production studio. On the contrary, they are outsourcing more work to nations like India expanding their businesses. It simply means that we have more job openings than ever. No one has to worry about rumors circling employment cuts.

Therefore, if you have any interest in pursuing this course or joining this industry then now is the best time for you. You do not have to worry about anything in terms of the openings or not.

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