Animation Is The Best Strategy For Engaging Audiences

If animated video isn’t currently a significant component of your messaging plan, it must be. Animation is a potent marketing tool that may persuade your audience to act on your messaging and pay attention to it.

Animated video is a flexible, compelling solution for various purposes, including product launches, business explanations, employee training expansion, and spicing up internal communications.


Why Make an Animation?

It’s becoming more difficult for businesses to stand out in a sea of films competing for consumers’ attention.

It won’t work to have another talking head or an uninteresting explanatory video. An animated video will help you acquire the engagement you need. The majority of consumers favour watching videos over reading. The popularity of video will skyrocket in content marketing due to consumer desire.

More videos will be used for lead generation and conversion. Many prospective customers are reluctant to speak with salespeople. Videos and animations might affect sales in subsequent stages near the bottom of the funnel.


Animation Captures Viewers’ Interest

Due to their short attention spans, Internet users will only watch a video or read an article for a long time. Animation stirs up feelings that viewers can relate to. It encourages discussion and compels your audience to keep reading.

Given the abundance of stimuli available to internet users, we know their short attention spans. Animation is usually more appealing when choosing between static content and animation. This can be up to 2.6 times longer on pages with video than without, per Wistia.

According to a recent study, attention span is getting shorter and shorter, and goldfish are starting to feel sorry for us mere humans. We now pay attention to anything for just 8.25 seconds, down from 12 seconds in 2000. This is extremely disturbing, so I hope you’re still with me! For any of your visitors to stay with you, you need to make an impact within the first 8.25 seconds and maintain it.


The best method to convey a narrative is animation

A very effective approach for your message is to include a narrative element. An animated film can go further than many competing messaging techniques and pique people’s interest in your company’s history and goals.

At its foundation, the animation is a storytelling medium that is well-known to viewers and is simple to comprehend. One of animation’s major benefits is its capacity to conjure the human qualities of your company in a relatable manner and genuinely connect with your customers.

The most effective animated videos depict an issue that the featured goods or service can address; this is a tried-and-true marketing gimmick, and its effectiveness is unquestionably there.



Complex Topics Are Simplified by Animation

Concepts come to life in animated videos in a way that text and live videos cannot. Consider this: You can give your characters the ability to fly, travel, and talk as much as you want. The operation of systems and processes can be demonstrated with animation.


You can put your audience in a familiar position

To ensure that your brand resonates with the viewer and prepares them for conversion, create relatable characters for them to connect with emotionally. A simple animation can open the door to a very mature messaging success if the character’s journey is depicted believably and compellingly.

With the use of endearing characters that represented the staff in scenarios they would recognise, we could make one of the driest topics approachable. One of the best ways to motivate action is to be able to see how a business, product, or message can help your own life.


Animation Reminds us of the Past

Most of us link our favourite childhood memories with cartoons. One of the strongest emotions we may experience is nostalgia, which animation can evoke. Studies have shown that nostalgia can sift through all of the bad feelings and combat despair.



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