All About Automobile Engineering in India

What is Automobile Engineering?

Automobile engineering is perfect for those of you interested in designing of vehicles. If you have always been fascinated by the mechanism of vehicles, this course will be a great choice. It is a branch of mechanical engineering that deals with the development, design, production, and manufacturing, repairing, control, and management of automobiles. It combines elements from other engineering fields as well, such as mechanical, electrical, electronic, software, and safety.

This field of engineering focuses mostly on car design, operations involved in car design, engines and fuel management, and more. Therefore, an automobile engineer will be assigned tasks like designing, developing, and manufacturing vehicles. On top of that, there are quite a few specializations in the field, like engine systems, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, electronics and control systems, to name a few. Due to a rise in vehicle productions and automobile industries, there is now an increasing demand for automobile engineers.

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

In order to be eligible for a diploma in automobile engineering, you need to qualify 10+2 with science. Along with that, you need required grades in science subjects as well as qualify through competitive exams for engineering. The curriculum for automobile subjects looks a little like this

  • Manufacturing Methods
  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Automotive Design Engines
  • Vehicle Body Engineering
  • Operations Research and Industrial Management

These are only a few of the topics that will be covered in the course. This is the vast and detailed course and should be pursued by those genuinely interested in the field. However, because this also involves elements from other engineering fields, mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering, it can also be pursued by those interested in mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering.

Career Opportunities

Although there is a lot of demand for this field, there is also rising competitiveness. Along with that, it requires effort and time to acquire the skills needed to work in this sector. With that being said, there are many different kinds of job profiles one can apply for:

  • Automobile Technicians
  • Automobile Designers
  • Car and Bike Mechanics
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Senior Production Engineer
  • Diesel Mechanics

Top-notch companies like Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, TATA, Yamaha, Honda, Bajaj, and many more offer job opportunities. The annual salary might look something like this- an automobile engineer makes about Rs. 5-6 lacs, production engineer can make from Ra.2-3 lacs, a design engineer from Rs. 3-4 lacs.

Top Institutes

While there are many universities and institutes that offer diploma in automobile engineering, below mentioned are a few of the top universities in India.

  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Roorkee
  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal
  • SRM University, Chennai
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • George Telegraph Training Institute, Kolkata

Automobile engineering is a fast-growing industry with top companies hiring young and fresh graduates each year. After working in the industry for a few years, you can even complete a master’s degree, which will further enhance your job prospects even more. The job market for automobile engineers looks promising but of course, it can get competitive. If you are currently in school, sitting for your 12th boards, you might want to consider applying to the above-mentioned universities for a degree in automobile engineering.

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