Advancing your career in the VFX industry

VFX industry is booming and becoming more and more advanced. This means that the skills required are also evolving and the software are becoming more sophisticated. However, this is a creative field, meaning there is room for mistakes and growth. It is also a field which allows you to keep learning skills as you progress. Therefore, completing a short VFX course in Kolkata would be really helpful for those who wish to work as professional VFX artists. Some of the best VFX institute in Kolkata believe it’s all about practise and dedication. Let us see how you can advance in your VFX career.

Share your work

One of the best ways to advance in a creative field like VFX is to keep sharing your work on social media platforms. Not only will it grab other people’s attention, it will also help you practise your skills more and more. Remember, every artist starts from scratch and in order to excel in the field, one has to put themselves out there and this will also help you learn new skills and information. 

Build contacts

It is incredibly important to build contacts in this field. Not only will it help you in your journey by exposing you to new styles and domains, it will also help you find people who like your work and are willing to work with you on different projects. Because this takes time, it is better if you start socialising as soon as you are ready with your work. 


This is a given, however, many people can doubt themselves and end up comparing their work with other people’s. However, while it is important to introspect and review your work, comparing your artwork to that of other artists can stop you from realising your true potential. You should take inspirations from other artists, but in the end, you must produce work that is original and is a reflection of your personality and style. This will also help you find your audiences who can relate to your artwork. 

VFX is a creative and technical field. This means you will need substantial knowledge on how to edit and create projects using complex software, while also tapping into your creativity so that you come up with original and interesting ideas. If you are interested in learning skills and techniques required for VFX, you might want to check out Starblast Animation website for more information on the different types of courses. 

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