6 VFX Terms You Should Know

Visual effects are ubiquitous in current films, from the wall-to-wall extravaganza of fantasy movies to real-world thrillers with VFX you don’t even notice.

Modern computer-generated (CG) movie enchantment is created by visual effects firms all over the world, who employ armies of animators and artists who use specialized software to create increasingly realistic scenes. The procedures of generating visual effects, like any other business, have their own jargon and specialized terminology. Here’s a short glossary of some of the words you’ll need to know in a VFX institute in Kolkata.

Green Screen

This is the technique of photographing performers in front of a colored backdrop so that a digital environment may be created afterward. It is also known as chromakey, color key or blue screen. Using a green screen, you may film a person or apply visual effects in front of a solid color.

Then, in post-production, you may plop that scene into the background of your choice by digitally eliminating or “keying out” that color. A green screen allows you to place any backdrop visuals you want behind the performers and/or in the foreground. It’s utilized in film production, as well as news and weather reporting, to quickly set the ideal backdrop behind the subject/actor/presenter.

Blocking Pass

Blocking is a VFX method that involves creating key postures to set the timing and positioning of actors and elements in a specific scene or shot. This approach is most often employed in VFX and also in 3D computer animation, and it is also known as Stepped animation.


As a groom artist, you will be in charge of designing stylized or natural-looking hair, fur, feathers, and other accessories for human characters, creatures, and animals. Groom artists work on high-end VFX film productions to produce convincing hair, fur, and feather grooms for people and surroundings. You will be a core of the creative division, but you will be working very closely with producers on their workflow objectives.

Look Development

Look development artists (look devs) determine the appearance of computer-generated animals or objects in order to guarantee that all of the art in a film or television program is uniform. These looks are then used by all of the artists in their VFX pipeline while creating their assets. This assures quality and reliability.


A maquette is a small size model or preliminary draft of a completed sculpture in French. Character maquettes are often made by the Post-production Department or Visual Effects (VFX) Department of film production.

Match moving

Match moving is a visual effects method that allows computer images to be inserted into live-action film with the proper location, size, orientation, and motion relative to the photographed items in the shot. Because you are attempting to match the motions of the camera, the technique of matching the movement of the live-action film with a virtual camera is known as match moving.

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