6 Simple VFX You Can Try

VFX is essential for today’s filmmaking purpose if you want to create realistic visuals on screen without compromising on quality. VFX helps to cut the budget also by helping you to create visuals that otherwise would have cost you millions. To become a professional VFX artist, the first step is to enroll in a VFX course. VFX course in Kolkata helps students to learn and become professionals without struggling to catch up with the present growing industry. India has become the VFX capital for the world in the past few years due to its ability to outsource visuals for outstation producers at a low cost. From television to web to films to advertisements, VFX are a must now.

To give you the feel of the amazing magic of VFX,

here are 6 VFX tricks that you can try –

  1. Using Miniatures

Suppose you need a huge military tank on screen. Getting it on rent for the shoot will turn out to be quite costly. The Forced Perspective can help you here by using miniatures that are made to look huge or big on-screen through VFX.

It’s easy to pull off and is quite budget-friendly for low-budget projects.


  1. Faking Action Scenes

Landing a few punches on your face – It’s quite a popular scene that we see on screen. But do the actors punch each other for real? No.

It’s simple VFX tricks that help you to cut frame, duplicating and masking the punches on screen to make it look absolutely real. Add some sound of a punch to it and you have a real action scene on screen.


  1. Transitions

The video below shows how to do transitions in screen through VFX. This can be used to extensions too. For masking or frame blocking, these VFX tricks are put to good use. The below video shows how to create transitions through Premiere Pro.


  1. Create A Car Hitting Scene

Have you been amazed at any tragic scene wherein the actor on-screen gets hit by a car? The scene must have appeared shocking and too real to ignore.

Well, it’s simple VFX now. Watch the video below to know how to do it. It will take 10 minutes to learn the same.


  1. Create Extensions

You may not have a very big space to shoot but you require the same. You also may not have a very fabulous or gorgeous background but you need the same.

These are scene extensions that can easily be created through VFX. It helps you to cut the budget of the movie by reducing the cost of creating a humongous set or expanding the budget for art direction. Check out the below video to learn about it.


  1. Character Animation

Character Animation requires knowledge of 2D and 3D. It’s not easy unless you have the training to do so. A VFX course is ideal to become a professional in character animation. VFX course in Kolkata are providing degree course with practical industrial training to do so. You not only get to work on Maya but also all the necessary software that are used in the present industry are provided to students.

Check out some of the amazing character reels from Hollywood in the below video.


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