5 Web Series We Remember For Good VFX Work


Web Series is no longer confined to the small forums and groups on the internet where only a bunch of people would discuss it. Well, the world has witnessed a great deal of paradigm change over the past couple of years. The consumption of media content has become more relevant on video platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, YouTube and etc.

Every year hundreds of new movies and web series try to carve their path into this bustling media chain. Amongst all this, the use of VFX is very significant. With HBO shows like Game of Thrones raising the level of VFX content graph; it has become pretty mandatory for other web series to not compromise on the quality of their content anymore. Video streaming is the most popular activity on the internet these days and web series are the staple for people.

Let’s take a look at 5 amazing web series which won all the hearts and subscriptions with their fabulous VFX work.

 Black Mirror

How can we possibly talk about VFX in web series and not mention Black Mirror? Black Mirror is a Netflix show which has every single episode tells a different story. Breaking the general norm of TV shows and continuity; this series went on a path to create history. Every episode is about the digital age and how it might turn into. The utilization of VFX to create a probable future is mind-blowing.

Nosedive is one of the episodes of season three and it would be the perfect example to explain the visual effects work inculcated there. The work of visual effects artists to manufacture an alternative reality is commendable. Till time immemorial people are going to remember the extraordinary work done on every single episode of Black Mirror.

Lost in Space

It has not even been a year since Lost in Space started streaming on Netflix’s platform and people are bonkers over it already. All the scenes in the show are supposed to be in space and in a space ship. Well, how will one make that without green screens and visual effects? So the major part of the show’s existence depends upon how good the artists perform. And we can very confidently say that they have been nothing but excellent in their results.

Image Engine was the main visual effects partner for the series. It completed over 266 shots across just five episodes. The entire sci-fi show has been ranking among the top charts. It is definitely on the watch list for a lot of people this year as well.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The winner of almost every single Emmy and Golden Globe award for the past two seasons, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has proven that visual effects are not limited to just sci-fi and ghost genre. It is a comedy show set up in the late ’50s where a woman struggles to set foot in her comedic career.

Being set in the ’50s; it would have been impossible to create so many props and sets. Hence, we rest to the mercy of visual effects here as well. You will not be able to find even for a second where the use of visual effects is done. I believe that is what VFX and animation courses teach students. The best way to find out that your work is good is to have no sign of it at all on screen. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is an Amazon Prime Original. It is among the very few Amazon Prime shows that have seen such amazing success in the mainstream media.

Liza on Demand

Is there anything that Liza cannot do? Literally anything! Well, I guess you will have to watch her YouTube Original show to find out. Popular YouTube star Liza Koshy created her very own original show on YouTube Premier called Liza on Demand She takes you through a bunch of hilarious events of her life. It is again one of those genres where you might not expect the use of manipulative imagery. But it did happen. A lot of places where the busy streets and car moving scenes were shown; they were done still in front of green screens.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is still among one of the most popular shows on Netflix’s platform. It is about a bunch of best friends who go on a quest of saving the world after discovering “the other side”. If you are clueless about what you just read then it is about time you start to binge-watching this.

Anyway, there were a bunch of rumors that Stranger Things did not use any visual effects. They were all false. The shots of beasts and many other interesting sci-fi elements wouldn’t have been possible to be shot with a bare camera lens. We will not give you any spoilers but leave you with the premonition that its VFX is of A1 quality.

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