5 Signs Your Website Is Designed By a Good Graphics Designer

Website designing is no skeleton play. It is more like an organized set of decisions which lead to the formation of web space. In order to put together a comprehensive website, a lot of effort has to go into the account. Right from taking into account the factors of designs, color combinations, and user interface.

Technical elements like coding, number of pages, user ease are also very important things. However, not every box can be checked right before the website become available to the public eye. There are five thumb factors which must be correct before you can say yes to a website’s launch.

Let us help you guide through all of them one by one.

A vision for detailing

Comprehensive Website Design

A good graphics designer would never compromise with the details of your website. They will make sure all the tabs and information is accurately placed and sorted. There will be no room for pointing out mistakes. Having the vision for intricate detailing is an awesome quality to have by designers. The graphics designer is responsible for putting out content and graphics all over the website evenly to not make it look empty or too full. It is a very tricky job and only professionals can do it well. Therefore, if your guy can do it’s aptly then you are in the right hands.

Free of malware

Good websites are always free of excessive malware. Some are bound to creep in from time to time and are easy to remove. However, a well-designed domain will be protected from all of them. This is also one of the most crucial things which the business holders need to hold upon. Malware is not only harmful to the websites but also very irritating for the audiences. They might get frustrated of the regular hindrances which occur while they are trying to browse. Over 23% of the audience is bound to leave your site of the malware attack is high.

Eye-catching color combination


The color contrast of your site should be very catching and must not be very bling. The colors should be appealing but at the same time must not irritate the message. It should not hide or overlay the message of the site too. The eye contrasting factor is very important for a graphics designer to get right. All graphics designer courses in Kolkata teach the importance of color palettes and its usage. To implement a color at one place and then shift its focus on the other is highly magnificent. If this element is lacking then your graphic designer also needs replacement. Or you can ask him/ her to work upon this particular department.

Ability to learn and adapt

The internet and digital platform is so volatile that changes are taking place every passing second. The ability to learn new things and adapt them into the craft is a genuinely good quality to have. If you are not going to make continuous changes and adapt to the circumstances then it will be very difficult for you to evolve. The same goes for your designing professional. They learn this feature in graphics designer courses as well. No matter how good you are, there is something for a professional to learn at any given stage. If your guy has the keen ability to learn new things then you are definitely in good hands.

Perfection attaining ethic

The work ethic which strives for perfection can never fall short of talent. Therefore, it is crucial to notice if the website you have gotten is perfect or not. Half baked design or interface is the first sign that you need to quit with this person. One might not be very experienced but the drive to get perfection in their work is the way to get some bonus points. Therefore, inspect your website from all the edges and find the loopholes if there are any. Try discussing them with your designing artist. His attitude towards the design will speak volumes for his capabilities and loyalty.

Hopefully, these helped!

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