5 Myths about Electronics and Communication Engineering Which Are Not True

A lot of global and homegrown data researches have shown that engineering is the most enrolled degree in India. More than 63% of students after completing their high school appear for engineering entrances. In the depleting market of colleges and universities, it does get a little difficult for a lot of students to understand which field is the best for them and why they need to pursue the same.

Electronics and communication engineering is one of the most sought after among all these different branches. But no field of education is barred from myths and stereotypes. We shall be giving you an account of some of the most commonly perceived myths which people hold in regards to electronics and communication engineering.

The diploma is not sufficient for a good career

You might come across a lot of people who live with the belief that a diploma is not sufficient if you wish to excel in life. That is a very false narrative. Diplomas have a great amount of value in electronics and communication engineering field. You can build a solidified career by pursuing a diploma in this field. You are ought to have an abundance of opportunities which shall follow you.

In sectors like these, it is not the degree or diploma which matters the most. The most crucial thing is the talent you possess and how you incorporate that in the work ethic.

Not the first choice of engineering students

This stereotype is not only associated with this field of engineering but many others. One needs to understand that, IT and computer science are not the only streams out there. All the branches have their own specialties and their own talent hubs. Electronics and communication when combined generate the two most utilized spaces in today’s industrial space. So, you can stay assured that every sector has some capabilities of its own.

It is in fact one of the most prosperous fields which makes it not only a first choice but also the only choice for so many students.

Isolating curriculum

This particular myth is completely bedazzling! How is it even possible for the course curriculum of an entire branch altogether to be isolating? It is a part of the engineering family after all. There is no way that it can be isolating or separated from mainstream education.

When people tell you that pursuing a diploma in electronics and communication engineering would not be a very wise decision then tell them that they are completely and utterly wrong. Show them the high recruiting statistics for further reference.

Worrying about job growth

As mentioned earlier, this is a field which completely depends upon the skills and talent you possess. Job growth is the ultimate focus which one needs to strive for. But a lot of people live with the foolish misconception that the employment growth is slow and does not offer much scope. That is totally false. There are millions of new jobs available for diploma holders in India. On the other hand, the actual truth is that the supply and demand ratio is quite steep. There are more job vacancies than there are actual engineers.

Has to do all with the media

This rumor is bizarre than anything else. It hardly makes any sense but then also a large section of our Indian population believes that since communication is the part of this sector, it would be a media-oriented education field. That is not the case at all. It has roots in engineering and deals with communication technology, coding, repair and other mechanical aspects of the same. You can work in media, no one is stopping you but that is not the forefront of this field.

We wish you good luck!

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