5 Myths about Animation Classes in Kolkata

“Breaking boundaries and erasing myths lead to a brighter scope for learning.”

Whether it is a line of profession, education or anything as common as animation classes in Kolkata; there will always be myths associated with them. False perceptions have become a part of the curriculum which it should not. We should do our bit to spread informative knowledge and build better perceptions.

animation institute in kolkata

When you study in an animation institute in Kolkata, all the rumors fall flat on their face. But if you are an outsider they might look true to you. In this article, we shall be discarding all the untrue perceptions which have built up about animation classes in Kolkata.

Destroying one false myth at a time!

Let’s begin!

#1 The truth of placement

So many people will tell you that there is a placement crunch at institutes. Some will go as far as to claim that it is very difficult to get a good placement after completing your courses. Well, that is absurd. The animation industry has elevated its job vacancy graph by 43%. It has also seen an immense amount of increment in the number of successful placements over the past 3 years. It has tripled in the last two years itself. Being a multi-billion dollar industry, there is absolutely no shortage of the talent which is available in this field.

No animator will go jobless if they have the drive to work and the capabilities of a skilled animator. These absurd things people talking about the placements are completely bizarre.

#2 The truth of available equipment and tools

Kolkata is the creative soul of India. It means creativity in every field. The journey to develop as an animator appears to be one of the most creatively satisfying ones. Do not believe anyone if they tell you that there are not enough types of equipment available in the classes. There are plenty of modern and updated ones available. As a prolific sector on its own, why would institutes even cut short on these essentials?

After all, these are the means of learning for the students. You can rest assured that you are going to receive all the means of creating and learning whilst you are on the journey to becoming an animator.

#3 The truth of doubt clearing sessions

Institutes offer plenty of doubt clearing sessions to students at regular periods. However, there is this myth that many students do not receive doubt clearing classes. This rumor is based on personal experience actually. Most of the good courses definitely offer separate classes for doubt. That is a part and parcel of learning. A lot of people skip these sessions and then end up creating false rumors about not receiving them.

Therefore, do not believe everything you hear. Talk to a certified counselor at these institutes and get your question cleared.

#4 The truth if all institutes have production studios

No! Absolutely not! All institutes do not provide production studio exposure. In fact, there is an institute in Kolkata which has a production studio of its own. Therefore, students who study here get full exposure to the studio experience.

They learn better and more efficiently than students in other places. However, the rumor is false that all institutes will provide you with the same.

#5 The truth if it is a tough course or not

Every course comes with challenges of its own. It is not wise to judge a book by its cover. Whether the course is tough or not, is a completely personal perception. However, since it is a creative learning curve, it is easier than plain academics. You have the liberty and freedom to create your imagination and vision. That is enriching and resourceful.

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