5 Institutions Offering Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a new solution to many existing problems. From banking to healthcare, from education to e-commerce, from the automobile industry to electronics, AI is now a must requirement to implement automation in every industry. Even the Government of India is expecting AI to provide solutions to their numerous existing agricultural and weather-related problems.

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Governments of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka are planning to install AI systems in Government buses. Recently a tender was announced by the Government of India for the Artificial Face Recognition System in order to recognize criminals. The Government of West Bengal is to implement the AI system for traffic scanning.

Hence, if you are someone who loves technology, aim for a master’s in artificial intelligence instead of going for any regular IT course. The opportunities are enormous and currently, there’s a scarcity in the number of AI professionals in the country as compared to the requirement.

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There are very few options for students for masters in artificial intelligence in Kolkata. The city has a countable number of postgraduate courses on AI and 5 of them that can be mentioned are as follows –

#1. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT) conducts a post-graduate degree course of M.Tech in Information Technology (Artificial Intelligence). The course is there in house PG level course that has only 30 seats.

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#2. iLEAD or Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development in Kolkata conducts a PG level course on AI. Their M.Sc in Human Computing and Artificial Intelligence is affiliated under MAKAUT and is conducted in association with industry partner Einfach Business Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

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#3. The Neotia University at Diamond Harbor doesn’t have a direct course on AI but their M.Tech in Computer Science &Engineering gives the students the opportunity to select either of the specializations from Cyber Security/ Data Analytics/ AI & ML.

Neotia University
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#4. Jadavpur University conducts a PG level course of M.Tech in Intelligent Systems. But unlike a regular course, this one is a part-time degree course that is conducted over a span of 3 years.

Jadavpur University
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#5. Amity University, Kolkata has an undergraduate degree program in AI. Their B.Tech + M.Tech (Artificial Intelligence & Robotics) Integrated degree course is a 5-year program for the students.

Amity University
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These are the 5 courses of masters in artificial intelligence in Kolkata that you can look for if you are interested in learning AI and Machine Learning. But make sure you are choosing the course that promises to give you maximum industry exposure. It is always beneficial to get the opportunity to know the industry before formally entering it after completing your degree program. Artificial Intelligence in today’s date is one of the most advantageous and relevant courses all over the globe that for sure would take you to places in the future.

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