5 best features of a mass communication college in Kolkata

Mass communication, as the name suggests is the study of media and communication. It is the wide field which engulfs all the different dimensions of mass media and entertainment. This can go on from being a journalism course to photography and even writing and editing.

The course is an amalgamation of everything associated with mass communication and film making but it is up to the students to branch out and choose their fields of interest. Choosing a media and communication degree course Kolkata comes with various perks and features. Let’s help you educate with some of them!

Industrial exposure

The top mass communication colleges in Kolkata are not limited to their academic lines. They go above and beyond to ensure that students get good amount of industrial exposure and strength. It is very crucial to take into account the fact that students need to get some good amount of industrial exposure in order to understand the doings of the profession.

Since, Kolkata is such a culturally creative and upbeat city; it is more than justified to see the spark and enthusiasm which the institutes also possess when it comes to educating their pupils. They take a lot of initiatives on their end to ensure that students get the best of the exposure.

Provision of technical facilities

Whether it is about having enough computer labs or enough editing software; technical ailments are crucial in the media and mass communication learning. The good colleges in Kolkata ensure that no stone is left unturned in providing students with all the technical aspects. They provide them with all the different kinds of cameras, equipment, software and etc to make sure that all facilities are given to them.

These technical provisions are essential in not just learning the software and skill but also practicing them on the regular. Hence, one cannot ignore the importance of these facilities in a student’s learning duration.

Job support and placement

Reputed and good colleges always come with the promise of a brighter future for their students. Such is the promise of 100% placement assistance. The perk does not just stop at you receiving 100% job assistance but placement training too. These training would craft you to become skilled in interviews and calls you face. Your teachers would prepare you for the various interview rounds which you shall have to take in your career journey.

Emphasis on extracurricular development

Extracurricular development is rather underrated in the academic sector. It is essential that students take on various projects, assignments and other activities which test their skills outside the classrooms. They would only be able to develop their skills to the fullest if they take on the task of developing some core knowledge of how to function without the help of others. Therefore, extracurricular tasks are very important. They develop a students’ potential to the maximum by ensuring that they get a good grasp over the different kinds of skills as well which would help them become better at their profession.

Space to grow and discover

As we mentioned earlier, mass communication is such a wide field on its own. It is not limited to any one type of job role. Hence, students need a good amount of time and space in order to discover what they really wish to pursue in the long run. To do so, it is very important that the media college gives them an adequate amount of space to discover. In the beginning, you will be learning about all the different disciplines as per your course curriculum.

It is only when you start working; you really select a specialized sector. Hence, a good mass communication college should give its pupils the space to grow and develop as professionals before they go ahead and build their career.

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