5 Animation Courses You Can Pursue In India

India has come at par with many other developed Western countries when it comes to high end education and advanced courses. There are several animation courses after 12th which one can pursue.

These are the five different kinds of animation courses which anyone can take in order to build their career in this field and enhance their career opportunities further.

Starblast Animation Institute is one of the leading animation institutes in India. It is based in Kolkata. This institute has transformed education for animation and VFX enthusiasts in India. The quality of education in this college is really to great standards.

Industry based curriculum is taught with great emphasis on the importance of animation trends and VFX. Additionally, the animation courses fee at this institute is also quite affordable. You would not have to worry about paying big bucks when you choose to study here.

This institute also promises 100% placement assistance to all students by the end if their course period. You are sure to get good education and the assurance of a job once your course training period is over.

Whistling Woods is one of the most famous animation and multimedia schools in India. It is based in Mumbai. This is the institute where people go if they are willing to work in the film industry. The placements from here really assure that people get to good places for their work.

Whistling Woods has one of the best animation courses out there. It is really an excellent college with lots of possibilities for the students who dare to dream here.

Arena Animation has centers all across India and that too multiple ones in several cities. Arena Animation offers amazing multimedia courses. Animation happens to be the specialty of this institute. They have great equipments, tools and advanced software for students to learn from. Students get to build their career to a whole another level studying here.

Arena Animation has built a solid reputation for itself over the years making it one of the most sought after animation institutes out there.

Just like Arena Animation, MAAC is another pan-India institute which has several branches all across the nation. In many cities like Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai; there are a number of branches within the same city.

You shall also find that animation courses at MAAC have gained a lot of reputation over the years as the go to animation institute. This animation course is definitely one of the most reputed institutes where people can make the decision to study and get a guaranteed job by the end of their course period.

This is another animation institute based in Kolkata. They provide a degree course in animation, VFX and designing. This combined course provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn several skills together and also enable several great career opportunities in the years to come.

Being one of the most notable institutes, this course allows students to find the most authentic career opportunities. Since his is no typical college, some of the best studios come to hire professionals from here upon the successful completion of their training.

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