4 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners

Are you a photography enthusiast? Do the idea of setting into a vacation or outing with a backpack and a camera intrigue you more often? Do you have a passion for photography and want to have a career on the same?

Then a photography course may help you a lot. Photography is also a skill that needs training. It’s not as simple as it looks. There are several factors that one needs to learn and acquire skills about to become a pro in photography.

Merely holding the camera and clicking pictures doesn’t make a photo ‘picture perfect. A good photography course in Kolkata provides one with everyone kind of exposure that you require to become a photographer professionally.

Here are the 4 most basic and essential tips for budding photographers –

  • Aperture – Aperture decides the light and also has a significant effect on the depth of field. The more wide the aperture is, the more light will be coming in. Hence, it is important to keep the lens in check. The smaller the number, the bigger the aperture gets.
  • Shutter Speed – Shutter speed is measured in terms of ‘seconds’. For example – 1/60 seconds. If the shutter speed is slow, it allows more light to come in. The faster the shutter speed, the less light comes in. Sensitivity to motion is also affected a lot by the shutter speed.
  • Composition – Composition is another very important factor in photography. In a photography course, the rule of thirds is given importance to make students understand how composition makes a picture more visually appealing. The rule of thirds is a grid of 3×3 wherein two horizontal lines and two vertical lines intersect each other placing the subject in the right position of the frame to create a visually appealing picture.
  • How to Hold the Camera – Movement of hands or arms causes the camera to shake and that actually can result in a blurred picture. To avoid such a thing, one must learn the art of holding the camera. The trick is to hold your arms as close to your body as possible. In that way, the camera will not shake and no movement means no blur pictures.

If you are looking for a good photography course in Kolkata, the degree program of Media Science under the Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology (MAKAUT) will be of a lot of help to you. The degree program’s syllabus has photography as an important part of its curriculum. Plus, the course curriculum focuses more on practical exposures to students rather than just theoretical studies. Students during their course only will be able to work in photography projects as well as in studios.

Hence, if photography is where your heart lies, this degree course will be highly beneficial for you especially if you want to create a great portfolio of yourself as a photographer during the tenure of your 3-year degree course only.

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